Trump Hires Rick Wiley – Is Corey Lewandowski still campaign manager?

Donald Trump Shakes Up Campaign Management Donald Trump just hired Rick Wiley to become his national political director. This new hire follows the promotion of longtime GOP strategist Paul Manafort’s role in the campaign. Rick Wiley was Scott Walker’s former campaign manager and veteran GOP operative with deep party ties. Wiley’s establishment connections may help Trump rehabilitate his…

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Hillary Clinton’s House of Cards

hillary clinton house of cards

Hillary Clinton has survived the Bernie Sanders socialist uprising and has become the first female presidential nominee from a major party. Her rise to power has many wondering if she might be a character out of  the Netflix hit political drama House of Cards. The scandals, investigations, and rumours of corruption read like the script of…

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Spoiler Alert: John Kasich Does Not Win GOP Nomination

Gov. John Kasich spoiler alert

Donald Trump has accused Gov. John Kasich of stealing votes from him. Trump called on Kasich to drop out of the race arguing that Kasich is too far behind in delegates to win. Kasich’s losing campaign strategy may spoil Trump’s chances at reaching the magic 1,237 delegate number. Gov. John Kasich is the latest candidate in a…

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Media Blackout Won’t Stop Bernie Sanders

bernie sanders social media blackout

Wisconsin is Ready for Bernie. Poised to collect his fourth consecutive win, Sen. Sanders has succeeded in standing up to the Clinton media machine.  He has endured an onslaught of media silence that has enabled his campaign to perfect its grassroots social media messaging. Networks have devoted a paltry amount of air time to Sanders compared to other candidates. The volume of…

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The Conventional Wisdom of Marco Rubio

marco rubio convention wisdom

Marco Rubio has been quietly calculating his comeback. The Florida Senator has made strategic moves to protect his hard earned delegates. Rubio was an early favorite of moderate republicans who chose not to cave into conservative extremism. Feared by Democrats and his rivals, Sen. Rubio was attacked by his less electable opponents. Jeb Bush, Chris Christie…

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Trump questions pressing charges after Lewandowski is busted

trump threatens reporter after lewandowski charged

Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been charged with one misdemeanor count of battery in Florida. A video was released showing a clearer angle of the altercation involving Lewandowski and Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. Corey voluntarily went to the police station and signed paperwork that ordered him to report to court in May. New information…

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