Ask Dr. Cameron Clokie – Can Ignoring Cavities be Fatal?

Cavities, or tooth decay, also sometimes referred to as caries, are no surprise to hear about. A more significant part of the world’s population has tooth decay to a certain extent present in their mouths. In the United States, they are most common in youngsters, teens, and people of older ages. It exists in various forms, with some being more severe than the rest. It could simply be white, brown, yellow, or black marks on the exterior of teeth or deep holes caused due to weakened enamel and tooth rot. The condition may sound mainstream, but we must acknowledge that it can prove to be a considerable threat. In general, cavities and lack of proper oral hygiene can be fatal; such is the warning of Canadian Dental Surgeon Dr. Cameron Clokie.

What is the Doctor’s Advice?

Dr. Clokie is a dental and maxillofacial surgeon who has always emphasized the importance of oral healthcare. He has written several studies and papers entailing the necessity of simple day-to-day activity. He stresses having a proper routine of making use of a toothbrush two to three times a day. He also states that mouthwashes and flossing are also part of the essentials.

How Do Cavities Form?

Cavities usually form as the aftermath of poor oral hygiene. Bits of food left in our mouth lodged between our teeth, rot, and accumulates bacteria. These bacteria start eating into the enamel of our teeth. Slowly and gradually, if left untreated, they can cave in deep into the tooth. The same phenomenon can also occur from the bulk consumption of sugary sweets or sweet drinks. Drinks and sweets usually encourage plaque growth, which forms a layer above your teeth. Under the coating, the bacteria thrive and do their dirty job of destroying your teeth.

How Can Cavities Be Lethal?

The cavity, over time, will start to cause pain and even create an infection in your mouth. The cavity itself acts as a home for harmful bacteria in your mouth too. These bacteria can travel from your mouth to your brain, heart, stomach, liver, and other organs and cause severe conditions. Recorded cases exist of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, lung disease, liver and kidney disease, and stomach issues, whose root cause got traced back to the mouth.

On a less life-threatening note, cavities can cause several other problems as well. Pain being the prime most element they have to offer. Excessive amounts of pain from them can distress a person and severely affect daily life. Cavities, since they house bacteria, can also encourage tooth abscesses. It is a pocket full of pus liquid that, when spread out, could cause serious bacterial infections. Cavities can also weaken teeth to the point of tooth loss. The interference cavities might also have adverse effects on your eating habits.

Why Are Regular Dental Checkups Necessary?

Cavities often go unnoticed and are ignored in the mouth. They may be present but show little or no symptoms at all. By the time they become prominent, the damage done can be permanent and irreversible. Therefore, it is necessary to pay your dentist for timely visits and get your pearly whites checked to keep them pearly white.


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