From Internship to Leadership: Andrew Pravlik’s Ascension to CEO at Pittsburgh Financial Group

A Swift Rise to the Top

Andrew Pravlik, known for his extensive investment expertise, has recently ascended to the position of CEO, President, and Managing Partner at Pittsburgh Financial Group. Bringing in three decades of experience to the table, Pravlik is proficient in income planning and retirement planning. His responsibilities include overseeing client portfolios and the firm’s daily operations.

The Making of an Investment Pro

Andrew’s professional journey commenced in the financial service sector at 18, starting as an intern. His early exposure to different aspects of brokerage and investment firms equipped him with the requisite skills for a full-time role as a registered representative and investment broker after his graduation from Allegheny College. Pravlik holds his Series 7, 63, and 66 securities licenses and the Securities Industry Essentials® (SIE®) Certification. He is fully licensed in life, annuities, fixed index annuities, and long-term care insurance, making him a highly competent advisor for retirement plans.

Expansion and Growth

Under Pravlik’s leadership, Pittsburgh Financial Group experienced a rapid increase in clients and assets. The firm has broadened its reach to the west coast with its subsidiary, Seattle Financial Group. Pravlik is enthusiastic about future prospects for Pittsburgh Financial Group and the financial industry.

An Adaptive Approach

Pravlik’s principal goal over the past 30 years has been securing his clients’ retirement. In his new leadership roles, he seeks to extend the reach of his expert advice. His proactive approach and constant engagement with industry leaders and investment professionals keep him abreast of the ever-evolving economic, political, and monetary landscape.

Pravlik views the rising interest rate market as a significant opportunity to assist clients in navigating the shifting terrain as interest rates surge to their highest in 40-50 years. Committed to continual learning, he consumes publications like The Economist, Wall Street Journal Daily, Financial Times, Kiplinger, and Bloomberg.

Strength in Persistence and Decision-making

Persistence and decisiveness have been the pillars of Pravlik’s success. He typically makes bold decisions after rigorous data analysis and risk assessment, always preferring proactive action over reactive responses. He acknowledges that every decision involves trade-offs, uncertainty, and risk, but maintains that taking action is essential.

Life Beyond Finance

When not expanding client portfolios, Pravlik prioritizes personal growth. He gives clients peace of mind concerning their retirements, enabling them to appreciate their daily lives more.

Pravlik’s personal hobbies include fly fishing for trout in Montana, Idaho, and Washington, RV camping in national parks, skiing, golfing, gardening, and tending his orchards at his home in Robinson, PA. He commences his day with rowing and exercise, believing that starting the day physically active sets a positive tone and encourages mental alertness.

About Andrew Pravlik

With more than 30 years in the industry, Andrew Pravlik is a distinguished investment professional. He has committed his career to ensuring his clients’ financial stability in retirement, earning him high praise from his clients who frequently recommend him to their families, friends, and colleagues. Pravlik’s proactive approach has stimulated significant growth for Pittsburgh Financial Group, and his strategic leadership has helped the firm establish a footprint on the west coast.

Pravlik’s unwavering persistence, strategic decision-making, and constant quest for knowledge have been key drivers in his professional success. His focus on personal growth complements his professional accomplishments, making him an integral figure at Pittsburgh Financial Group and the broader financial industry.


Registered Representative of World Capital Brokerage, Inc., Investment Advisory Representative of World Capital Brokerage Advisory Services, 888-742-0631, Member FINRA/SIPC, custodial services through BNY Mellon-Pershing

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