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Andrew Katz is the CEO of Seaquake Crypto, a company that attempts to stabilize the digital assets market. His financial education includes a master’s degree from Harvard. This background has allowed him to make great strides in the banking and investment industries. In 2018, he joined forces with Dylan Knight to create Seaquake Crypto. Katz’s detail-oriented traits have always impressed his colleagues and clients. Outside of work, he keeps active and enjoys traveling and spending time with his two bulldogs.

During a typical day at Seaquake, he works remotely but participates in consistent communication, especially with his partner. He leads his team and focuses on reaching all of his business’s goals. The keys to his effectiveness are his organizational skills and his ability to think out of the box. He expresses the importance of breaking walls and working outside of his comfort zone. He pushes his team to do the same. He believes that this is the best way to gain new knowledge. The world of crypto is deeply embedded in the future. Therefore, he believes that it is essential to be willing to try new things and to roll with new advancements and innovations.

Katz has managed to grow Seaquake Crypto with great success. He recognizes the need to be able to pivot quickly when new projects arise. The crypto market changes on a dime, so it is vital to stay on the edge of the newest information.

Down the road, Katz intends to keep expanding his company. Currently, he is attempting to get all of his systems online. He fully expects that it will be a one-stop for anyone looking to work with a “full crypto ecosystem.” One day, he hopes to start a family so that he can pass his company’s legacy on to his children.

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