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Liberal Colleges Erupt In Fury After Trump’s Victory: Flags Removed, Primal Screaming, and Much More

It’s been a full three weeks since Donald J. Trump won the presidency, yet there seems to be no end in sight of these paranoid liberal protests. Although they held up their “Love Trumps Hate” signs throughout the Clinton campaign, many members of the “tolerant” left are still burning cars, shouting on college campuses, and even blocking major interstates in protest of Trump.

One recent example of this liberal mania comes out of Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. This small liberal arts college has recently received national attention for its decision to remove the American flag on its campus.

The U.S. flag was first lowered to half-staff on November 9th. Officials say they put the flag at half-staff in “reaction to the toxic tone” of the election. Professors at the university decided to keep the flag at half-staff throughout November 10th and 11th while they discussed whether or not the U.S. flag was too “offensive” a symbol for minorities in their 1,376-student population.

At some point the flag was burned, but it was quickly replaced by campus authorities. After about a week, however, this flag was inexplicably removed altogether from the campus. The president of the college, Jonathan Lash, only said their decision to take away this flag had nothing to do with the fact that Donald Trump won the election. Yeah, right.

In the meantime, many members of the U.S. military are protesting the college’s actions with the campus’s flag. There were about 400 U.S. veterans who gathered in the center of the campus for what they called a “peaceful demonstration of freedom.” They simply want the flag to be restored to its rightful place and for all this anti-American craziness to stop once and for all. Hopefully the college executives will return the flag at some point.

Unfortunately, as you probably already know, liberal antics like the removal of the flag at Hampshire are not isolated incidents. In fact, universities from “sea to shining sea” have been exploding with liberal fury in recent years. While their parents foot the bill for courses in Gender Studies and Post-Colonial Literature at some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges, these students are shouting for “social justice” day and night.

So, what issues do these students want addressed? Well, mainly, they don’t want their feelings to be hurt. Ever.

For instance, some students at Princeton University said they felt offended by the fact that former President Woodrow Wilson’s name was on a few of the campus’s buildings. In case you weren’t aware, Wilson is known to have made some very racist remarks during his life. One black student named Asanni York said the experience of having to walk by buildings with Wilson’s name made her feel “marginalized.” She went on to say that “people are hurt by that. All this matters because, at the end of the day, black people’s feelings matter as much as any other people’s feelings matter.”

Another gem of liberal hysteria comes out of Amherst College, where the anti-racist group “Amherst Uprising” began protesting against protesters in favor of free speech. “Amherst Uprising” demanded that the campus authorities work harder to prevent other students from spreading signs that say “All Lives Matter” and supporting the First Amendment. These social justice warriors also demanded people who support the phrase “All Lives Matter” go through a mandatory course in “tolerance.”

But perhaps the most prominent university to have gone completely nuts is Yale University. This deep-blue Ivy League university has been transformed into a veritable Bedlam ever since November 8th. Students at Yale literally gathered together in the center of the campus to let out a “primal scream” after discovering Hillary Clinton lost. One 29-year-old Yale divinity student, named Timothy Pepler, told reporters he experienced a “level of despair I have never felt in my entire life” after seeing Trump win. Overdramatic much?

There have been many more protests around Yale’s New Haven campus since the election of Donald Trump. Students at these marches say they are standing for solidarity for the Hispanic, Black, and LGBTQ communities in the face of what they perceive will be “xenophobic, homophobic, and racist” policies from Washington D.C.

One economics professor at Yale actually told his students they could skip their mid-term exam if they felt too saddened by the election result. This professor said he/she received so many “heartfelt notes” from students asking to postpone the exam because they were fearful what a Trump presidency might mean for their families. Although it has not yet been revealed what professor sent out this letter, we know it was a professor who teaches Econ 115.

If you can believe it, students at Oberlin College were a bit more ambitious than these Yalies who got to skip their mid-term. Oberlin students actually wanted to erase all grades lower than a C from their permanent records. Activists got a whopping 1,300 fellow slackers…I mean “students,” to sign this petition. Unfortunately for them, even liberal professors still have a “crazy limit,” and this petition didn’t result in any change, at least for now.

Yes, it’s never nice to have our feelings hurt, but that’s just a part of life. The sooner these kids can learn this lesson and put their minds towards productive goals, the sooner America can truly be “great again.”

Thankfully, a few center-left and left leaning magazines are starting to see just how ridiculous it’s getting on U.S. campuses. In 2015, The Atlantic published a famous front page article titled “The Coddling of the American Mind.” This well researched text really helped spark a national debate over the oversensitivity of today’s college students. Hopefully more mainstream papers will follow suit.

Whether these kids like it or not, Donald Trump is the medicine they need after eight years in the Obama empire. For the next four years these students will have to live in a world with an anti-politically correct leader who will not always do things we all agree on. But, hey, that’s what living in a democracy is all about. Hopefully these students will learn that in the ensuing months and years. If not, well, there’s always Canada.

Jennifer Wilkens

Jennifer has a degree in communications from Utah Valley University and enjoys writing business and financial news articles. She loves snowboarding and spending time with her two kids.

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