Some Amazing Examples of Web Design and How to Emulate Them

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Designing a website or mobile app is a rewarding process and the perfect opportunity to put your creative skills to work. By taking a look at popular design trends seen on the web today and design examples from expert designers you’ll be well on your way to creating your own impressive designs. Check out these 10 amazing examples of web design and see how you can emulate them to make them work for you.


The website for Rally Interactive is an impressive example of what you can achieve with white space. This website uses minimalist design techniques to draw focus to the important content and forms. Try designing your own website with lots of white space to highlight the critical content.


Thrive makes use of flat design elements to create an amazing frontend for their website. You can make your own site look as clean and simplified as Thrive by utilizing flat icons, vectors, and other graphics that will not only look neat but load quickly.


Spigot Designs has a great website with a long vertical menu and wide content blocks. The appealing part of this website’s frontend is the simplicity and screen-wide content. You can emulate this design by using responsive design techniques and screen-wide image sliders.


The VML website mixes two classic types of web design elements to make a modern and well-functioning interface. When first arriving at the website you’ll notice a large, clean image slider with flat typography and icons. Scrolling down, you’ll see VML has used the grid-like content boxes to organize important site features and keep everything sharp and contrasted. Make use of grid-style design blocks and image thumbnails to emulate this design for your own website.


Today uses large fonts and large-yet-optimized images to give the viewer a magazine-style read on the frontend. This is a good method of organizing your content and fitting a lot of media on your page without having your website looked cluttered. To copy the best parts of this design simply use large fonts and oversized rectangular graphics.

AirFrance Music

AirFrance Music’s website is a prime example of how a great color scheme can bring your entire design together. The basic layout of this website is not uncommon but the red-on-yellow bold and contrasting visuals help bring the content out from the background and gain the reader’s interest right off the bat. Use complimentary colors, contrasting colors, and bright color schemes to emulate this effect on your own website.


Sortino uses a unique dark-themed layout with heavy iconography and minimal text content to make a simple and visually-stunning website. Copy this amazing design by using a lot of grey, black, and white on your own website and making use of vector icons. This website also makes use of images with small file sizes so that everything loads quickly, which is important on today’s mobile-rich world.


V%A is an artistic website with responsive design and a floating foreground. The stationary background on this website makes for the content easy on the eyes and reduces strain for longer readings. Consider using a simple, fixed background if your website will have a lot of text content to reduce potential eyestrain for your readers.


The More Hazards website uses vintage graphics and a textured background to give an artistic flare to their interface. The web design on this site also contains hand-drawn graphics that give it a more custom-made appearance. Try sketching out some graphics or background templates for your website to recreate this personal, unique essence that MoreHazards’ site provides.


The web design behind Pitchfork is amazingly well-organized and compiled. Notice the heavy structure that frames this website out so that users can locate content and media within seconds. Try framing your own website with a strong visual architecture to give your readers an intuitive feel of your content placement and website navigation.

When you’re in a design rut, all you need to do is browse the web. There are many amazing examples of functional web design out there. While not all of them may be perfect for what you need, others are sure to get your creative juices flowing. For example, if flat icons and graphics appeal to you and suit your content well, then locate flat icons on the web or sketch some with a graphics tablet to make an excellent minimalist website design. If the responsive themes and screen-wide image carousels are more your flavor, then try installing plugins or other media display elements to make your images stand out.

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