6 Famous People Who Love Their Pets


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If you look behind the tall fences surrounding many of Hollywood’s most famous homes, you would see famous people interacting with their pets. While most have lovable dogs, one will surprise you with her choice for a pet. Here are some of the people that you might catch a glimpse of and their famous pets.

Jake Gyllenhaal

When this actor is not busy with his latest projects, then he can often be seen taking his German shepherd Atticus for a walk. This dog is named after one of the male characters in To Kill a Mockingbird. Jake is also the owner of a recluse puggle named Boo Radley. When he is not busy on a project, Jake can often be found taking his dogs to a local dog to a local dog park where he loves to pay.

Tom Holland

While Tom may be best known for his role in The Avengers, he is also reported to be an all-around-good-guy. When he recently found a dog running loose, he took it to the vet and it had a microchip. Otherwise, we suspect that the dog may have come home to live with Tom and his Staffordshire Terrier named. Tess. Tom has had Tess for over a year, and he frequently brings her along to interviews.

Sophie Turner

After rising to international fame for her role in Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner and her significant other Joe Jonas are proud parents of two dogs. Bot of the Alaskan klee Kais named Porky Basquiat and Waldo Picasso even have their own Instagram accounts where you can follow them. Sophie and Joe allowed big brother Porky to make the announcement, and they claim that he his very protective of his new brother.

Chris Evans

If you have ever been to an animal shelter, then you know the heartbreaking conditions found in most of them. Chris Evans recently thought he could film a scene for Gifted in an animal shelter without being affected. He was very wrong, and he ended up bringing a pup named Dodger home with him. The pup even loves to serenade Chris while howling to the songs from Lion King. There is no doubt that this mixed-breed pup had his life changed forever with that one day of filming.

Toby Scammell

Toby Scammell is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping small businesses thrive in the American economy. He grew up in Australia, where he had a pet wombat (small marsupial that looks like a cuddly cross between a bear and a chipmunk) named Womply. His current business venture is named after that wombat. His love for unusual pets does not stop there; he now has a pet pig named Clementine.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner had a pet chicken that she often carried around like a baby, but the bird perished. After a time of mourning, Jennifer replaced the chicken with an ant farm. She and her children spend hours watching the ants make their trails. They are also proud owners of a golden retriever named Buddy.

These Hollywood stars know what it is like to be adored by fans around the world, but the love they crave the most comes from the pets that they cherish being part of their lives.


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