5 Ways Christians Can Help Veterans


The Christian faith is centered around helping others. This means everyone, regardless of race or religion, is deserving of finding the help that they need. One part of the population that doesn’t always seem to get the help that they deserve and need are veterans. Veterans are those who are fighting internal battles that most of us can’t even fathom. They need help but they’re not always going to come right out and say that. That’s why church leaders and people of faith need to lend a listening ear and make veterans know about the resources available.

Guiding Veterans to get the Help They Need

The first way to help veterans is by showing them that there is a whole slew of resources, loans, benefits, and more that are available during and when they complete their service. Unfortunately, not all veterans are aware of everything that is available. The VA has a number of loan programs to help veterans and their families. This includes home loans, business loans, personal loans, and more. Veterans sometimes need those people behind them to push them to explore all the resources available. If a veteran doesn’t have a family, they’re less inclined to seek out the help they need. That’s why a Christian support system is beneficial.

Addressing Mental Health Issues

Suicide among veterans is a real problem and it happens at an alarming rate. Many veterans don’t have a support system to turn too. They aren’t aware of all the VA programs and counseling sessions that are available. The second way church leaders can help is by lending a listening ear. Third, church leaders can help veterans find their faith. They can talk to them about all the hope and promises that are still left in their life. They can encourage them that there’s so much left to live for and with the right guidance from the VA, they can find the help that they need.

Introducing Religion to a Struggling Veteran

Some veterans were religious before they experienced the hardship and aftermath of war. A fourth way Christians can help is by encouraging them to find a church that can help them find their purpose again. A church can also help be that support system for a struggling veteran. Finally, Christians can create meal trains among community members. They can offer prayers, check on a veteran, and do so much more. They can help veterans read through Bible passages that may relate to how they are feeling. If a veteran doesn’t have a family, the church can become their family and see them through tough times. Just be sure to spread the word that your church is more than welcome to help veterans. Through your website or social media, share your stories and the stories of those who you get to know through reaching out to help.

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