4 Medical Positions You Probably Didn’t Know About

When people are considering a career in the medical field, it is all too easy to gravitate toward the more prestigious options. Everyone wants to be a highly paid brain surgeon with clients all over the world, but this is largely a romantic notion. In reality, the medical field requires many different professionals with a very wide range of skills. In this article, we will look at some of the less-obvious options.

Medical Assistants

Everyone knows about nurses, but a lot of people don’t understand the difference between nurses and medical assistants. Although their duties are similar, there are several important differences between these two professions.

Medical assistants draw blood, file paperwork, handle patient interactions and much more. A nurse, by contrast, is not an assistant but a licensed professional. When it comes down to it, the main difference is that a nurse has a greater level of expertise and education, but the medical assistant is just as important, in a different way.

Seeing a medical assistant is a common sight in every hospital, and they are often the ones who do the routine work that is necessary for the hospital to run smoothly. Because of their efforts, the more specialized health professionals are able to concentrate on the things that matter most. 

Source: Independence University


These health professionals are very much behind the scenes and rarely seen by patients. Cytotechnologists study human cells under a microscope, usually to determine the presence or absence of disease. These are the people who do all that lab work that your doctor mentions. They may not get much credit or glory, but their work is extremely important and pays quite well. 

Medical Filmmakers

Even those with limited medical knowledge can still make a good living as medical filmmakers. If you have the skills to create 3D animations or good hand-drawn illustrations, you might want to consider the possibility of getting into this field.

Before considering this option, you should be aware that it represents a very specific skill set that isn’t particularly common. You need to have a good education in human biology to ensure that your illustrations and animations are accurate. Artistic skills and computer skills are also necessary, so only pursue this option if you have all three. 

Source: The Art Career Project


An orthotist is someone who specializes in the design and use of medical prosthetics. This could include artificial limbs, artificial organs and all manner of other things. A pedorthist, on the other hand, is a more specialized professional. Their area of expertise lies in the design, modification and use of therapeutic footwear.

Source: SoleScience

As you can see, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in a hospital or clinic. Most of these professions are just as well-paying as their more prominent counterparts and involve less pressure to perform and less interaction with patients. For some, this is an ideal way to make a good living at a job with which they can be happy.


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