4 Industries Expanding Rapidly in Idaho

If you live in Idaho or are thinking of moving to the state, there are many different sectors that you might want to consider. This state has an interesting mix of more traditional jobs and contemporary ones.

Tech Manufacturing

Generally speaking, manufacturing has long been a huge contributor to the American economy. In fact, every dollar generated by American manufacturing provides an additional $1.48 to the national economy. This industry is key to economic success in the state of Idaho. Presently, tech manufacturing is taking center stage within this sector.

Since the 1970s, tech manufacturing has played a large role in Idaho’s economy. Ray Smelek is responsible in many ways for introducing tech manufacturing to the Boise area loved the work ethics of the people of the Treasure Valley. Eventually, Hewlett Packard would hire about 11 percent of the city’s workers. That spirit of hard work manufacturing technology is still very much alive.


Idaho’s population continues to get older at a faster average than most of the rest of the country. Older people generally need more health care workers than younger ones. The population in Idaho continues to grow further increasing the need for health care workers. As healthcare needs expand, the need for qualified healthcare administrators also increases. Therefore, health administration is a great area to specialize in if contemplating moving to Idaho. Studies show, however, that as the population has gone up, the number in the labor force has not grown at the same yet. Yet, the state still has a low unemployment rate.


Idaho’s economy has traditionally been based on agriculture, and it is still that way today. It is estimated that the state’s farmers made $902 million in 2018, according to the University of Idaho Extension Service.

While the state is seeing declines in its dairy industry, growing hay, wheat, barley, and sugar beets have been profitable for farmers. Almost 50 percent of products grown in Idaho are shipped overseas for consumption. Idaho farm income has increased 233 percent since 1980. The average farmer makes about $39,332 annually.


Only Utah surpasses Idaho in the number of new homes being constructed, and each of those homes must have electrical services. Additionally, the number of new businesses continues to grow rapidly. While many jobs pay very little, the fast growth rate gives hard workers the chance to move up quickly in the utility industries.

Idaho leads the nation in turning to renewable energy, and those industries continue to grow. There are 51 solar companies in the state, and they continuously need new employees. The first hydropower plant in the state opened in 1916, and Idahoans are still working in this industry.

The job market will continue to be strong throughout the state. Idaho Falls continues to be a great place to work as it is the business center of Idaho and much of Western Wyoming.

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