4 Most Common Actions That Will Cause A Divorce

All relationships have a problem at one point or another, but certain behaviors or events can immediately trigger a divorce. These are four of the most common actions that will almost always cause two people to get a divorce.


Infidelity or cheating is the leading cause of divorce these days. MSN did a study that summed up infidelity and all of its repercussions to an overall “lack of commitment.” Seventy-three percent of the divorced couples in the survey stated that as the reason they got divorced. Something about the betrayal of infidelity  the foundation of the relationship. It brings the parties to the point of seemingly no return. Not many marriages survive infidelity without the help of a marriage counselor, pastor or some other specialist or therapist.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is another thing that’s hard to recover from once it happens. Like infidelity, domestic violence is a massive betrayal of trust. When it comes from the husband, it’s as if he’s trampling over his sense of responsibility as the protector. Domestic issues include punching, kicking, strangling, mushing, harassing and other such behavior.

Huge Financial Mistakes

Another common reason that people get divorced is that of gigantic financial mistakes such as substantial gambling losses, credit card debt, secret expenses, private investments, car accidents, medical bills and the like. Spouses are supposed to put their money together and make all of their financial decisions together, but quite often, they don’t. The other spouse usually ends up finding out about a secret investment at the wrong time, and the two either get into fierce arguments, or they split up.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is another huge deal-breaker in a marriage, mostly because it leads to so many other actions that cause marriages to end. The spouse of someone who has a substance abuse problem often has to play second best to the addiction. This person is also subject to infidelity, dishonesty, theft and sometimes violence. Substance abuse can take a toll on a person and make that person prematurely age before his or her time. Therefore, many marriages fail because the supportive spouse becomes emotionally fatigued.

Beyond that, substance abuse often coincides with other conditions that can place strain on the relationship. Addiction to illicit drugs like heroin and other opioids sometimes involves the following co-occurring disorders: anxiety, personality disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression. Of course, addiction recovery is always possible under the right circumstances. However, recovery is often a lifelong struggle that takes time to work on. Even after undergoing rehabilitation and treatment, recovering addicts will need to make a conscious effort every day to stay clean and sober. During this process, marriages may fail because the supportive spouse becomes emotionally fatigued.

The behaviors mentioned above tend to strain marriages worse than some other actions do. Such issues require the two parties to pull together and work very hard to save their relationship. Another party may have to intervene to assist. If efforts to correct these behaviors and save the marriage fail, you may have to face reality and consider divorce.








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