3 Ways Your Shoes Can Help Prevent Sports Injuries

No matter the sport you’re doing, you need to make sure you have the right gear. This includes the shoes you wear. Your shoes can do a lot to improve your performance, but they are also an important part of preventing injuries.

Ankle Support

Twisting or spraining your ankle is painful, but it is also a lingering injury. You can feel the effects for several weeks after and it can affect your performance. When selecting your shoes, you want to find a pair that will provide you with plenty of ankle support. This can help you avoid serious injuries like an ankle sprain. Look for shoes that have plenty of cushioning. Shoes with more cushioning help to provide support for your ankle and it improves the fit of your shoe. You want to avoid shoes that allow your foot to slide too easily. You need a snug fit. High top shoes can also be a good option as they provide more support around the actual ankle. You also want to have a show with a wide sole, so you are less likely to roll your ankle.

Shock Absorption

Running is a highly physical activity, and therefore, running preparedness is important to ensure your muscles and joints will be able to tolerate the impact. Sustained impact over time can lead to more injuries to your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and even your back. Shoes with good shock absorption should provide enough cushion for your feet as well as solid arch support. Thick soled shoes will also be better for shock absorption. Overall, you want a show with plenty of stability that will keep the impact from putting stress on your joints.

Proper Traction

In many sports, there are a lot of quick movements. You need proper traction in your shoes, so you avoid slipping or falling. A simple slip can lead to anything from a skinned knee to a broken bone. It’s best to find shoes with good traction so you don’t increase your risk of injury. When it comes to finding shoes with the right traction, you want to get it just right. Too much traction can keep you from moving properly. Choosing the right shoes are important, so take your time.

Your shoes are as important as any other equipment you will use for your particular sport. It may be in your best interest to find shoes that are designed for the sport you do. You can also pick shoes that will help prevent common injuries in your sport.

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