3 Things to Watch Out for When Starting Menopause

Going through menopause is a serious milestone for any woman. And while it can often involve some discomfort as your body changes, knowing what you’re up against can really help. But know that your experience with menopause will be unique to you and might involve these particular symptoms or it might not.

Weight Gain

One of the biggest symptoms of menopause that can surprise and upset women is the onset of unexplained weight gain. While there can be a variety of different reasons that you gain weight seemingly randomly, knowing that weight gain occurs during menopause can help you look for it in conjunction with other symptoms so that you can diagnose and treat it properly.

Unfortunately, the process of losing weight after menopause can be more difficult than before because your body is also losing estrogen and your activity is likely declining now that you are older.

Fragile Bones

As you prepare to undergo menopause, know that bones can become more brittle and susceptible to osteoporosis during and after menopause. Treatment can reduce the risk of breaking or fracturing bones, but prevention is also important.

While it’s essential that you consult with your doctor about your specific risks, you can do certain things on your own to prevent or delay the onset of bone issues. Make sure you eat a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables as well as a healthy dose of calcium. Calcium strengthens bones and eating a healthy diet will help you get more Vitamin D which plays a major role in bone health.

Hot Flashes

Another common symptom that many women experience during and after menopause is having hot flashes randomly. Experiencing hot flashes can be different for every woman. Some women experience them solely during menopause and see them go away after menopause is complete. Some continue to have hot flashes for years following menopause.

Additionally, while some women only have them for a couple minutes, other women have them for hours at a time. Making hot flashes more manageable requires simple lifestyle changes like consistently wearing layers so you can adjust your clothes based on your body temperature as well as always carrying a water bottle.

Navigating menopause takes patience and self-love. As your body changes, try to have an attitude of respect towards it. Instead of berating yourself for something like gaining weight, try to understand the science in order to better appreciate what your body is doing. Ultimately, experiencing menopause is a cause to celebrate as you become a more mature woman.


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