3 Qualities of Great Kitchen Staff

Finding people who want to work is easy. Finding candidates who possess good qualities is a little harder to find. Luckily, when you are familiar with the right qualities for the job, it is almost impossible to make a mistake and hire the wrong employee. The right candidate for your kitchen staff will showcase talent, work as a team player, and take charge when needed.


Make sure the candidates for your kitchen staff specialize in their art. It is easy to find people who cook, but it is a harder task to scout out people who cook well enough to work in a professional kitchen. After an interview with your prospective kitchen staffer, why not allow them to show off their skill in a test run meal? Talented candidates are eager to show off their skills, while poor candidates are standoffish about testing their skills. You may be able to weed out certain candidates before the cooking even starts, making your job a bit easier.

Team Player

There are ways to identify a team player so that when you hire new kitchen staff, your kitchen runs smoothly. If you do not identify team players in the beginning, during the hiring stages, you could end up procuring a rowdy and uncooperative kitchen staff. Team players are people who are respectful to authority and do their jobs without complaining. Team players also seek to help their coworkers, maintain a respectful tone and create a healthy environment.

Takes Charge

Not only is it important to look for an employee but who cooperates well with the entire kitchen team, it is also important to seek out an employee who will take charge when leadership is scarce or unavailable. This can take form in various situations, such as cleaning up messes they see even if they did not make them or being willing to be in an authoritative role even if it’s not their job description. Being a leader is more than being in charge of a group of people. Being a leader is taking action on one’s own initiative and not doing it out of the pursuit of selfish gain.

Now you know the top three qualities for finding your next kitchen staffer. Finding someone with talent, who participates as a team player, and who takes charge when they are needed. You are now on your way to creating a smooth-running kitchen. The next step? Hire someone!

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