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Your beautiful skin is the first thing people notice about you, especially now that it’s not always covered by a mask! As you age, skin can get more complex than just making sure that you don’t have makeup on when your head hits the pillow. Physicians and skin care specialists recommend using a moisturizer daily to help keep your skin glowing. Why do you need to moisturize daily? How can skin care help your body?

Look Younger

Yes, the obsession with youth culture is overstaying its welcome. What people are seeing, however, when they see your skin, is your ongoing care for it. This doesn’t mean a lack of wrinkles or smile lines! However, youthful skin is the kind which glows internally because it’s healthy and strong, and has been well cared for. Moisturizer can help with this by both adding protection to your skin, collagens which plump skin cells, and, hopefully, a sunscreen to protect you from rays which do skin damage.

Prevent Skin Flare Ups

Atopic dermatitis is caused partly by immune dysregulation. This means that you have either an allergen in your system which is throwing off your immune system, or that your body is fighting some sort of auto-immune complication, which is surprisingly common. If you have a dermatitis rash which appears, it’s important to go see your physician. Dermatitis that itches can cause not only damage to your skin, but be emotionally and psychologically draining, as your nerves are preoccupied with itching. Trust your body that something is causing issues, and keep asking questions until you can figure out what it is.

Prevent Damage

Many moisturizers have sunscreen options built in for daytime wear. This is wonderful, because preventing skin cancer is important. Seeing what damage is already happening to your skin can be done if you go to a dermatologist, and they take pictures with a specialty filter that can show what has been problematic. However, future preventative care can help your skin immensely, and keep your whole body healthier.


Moisturize that skin and keep it healthier and less prone to breakage! Make sure to check with your doctor if you have rashes or moles which have any changes. Check with a dermatologist to check your skin as well. Meanwhile, use a lovely sunscreen and a good moisturizer to help your skin to look healthy, strong, and to keep it looking younger for longer.


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