How to Exceed the Expectations of Your Hotel Guests

When it comes to running a successful hotel, keeping the guests satisfied is what will help maintain your longevity in the industry. People love to talk about their vacations to friends and family, and their hotel stay is often the biggest talking point. If customers are going to talk about the time they spent at your hotel while on vacation, it is up to you to make sure that the experience was a pleasurable one. Here are some ways that you can provide exceptional service to your guests each and every time.

Friendly Staff

The interaction with your staff will shape your guests’ first impression of your hotel. You could be the nicest owner in the world, but if your staff is rude, this will impact your guests’ views of the hotel in general. Not only can a horrible interaction with the staff ruin a guest’s experience, but it can also prevent new business since they will tell friends and family about the experience. Your staff should be friendly and inviting so that guests have a good first impression as soon as they enter the door.

Fully Stocked

It is important that your guests are accommodated in every way possible so that they are able to truly relax during their stay. One easy way to do that is by making sure their hotel rooms are fully stocked with things such as soap, tissues, coffee, and snacks. Just having these little conveniences can make a guest’s stay much more pleasurable and relaxing. You can also add modern elements such as pod coffee makers with different flavors to select. If your hotel offers long-term lodging, make sure to provide cabinets. Shaker-style cabinets can create a modern feel in your hotel room kitchens without going completely frameless. These little touches are a few ways to create an environment that your guests will love.

Complimentary Gifts

Everyone loves getting something for nothing, no matter how small it may be. When it comes to your guests, just giving a little something extra can go a long way. Small things such as a fruit basket or sending up a bottle of champagne for a couple on their honeymoon are some easy ways that you can go above and beyond for your guests. It is definitely the thought that counts, so the fact that you thought about them will go over quite well.

The main way to please your guests each and every time is to provide great service from start to finish. From the way that staff interacts with the guests to the particulars of their room furnishings, the little things can make or break a vacation. Service with a smile and attention to detail will keep customers coming back every time.

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