5 High-Paying Industries Ripe for Entrepreneurs

The dream of becoming an entrepreneur is nothing without a plan. When you’re thinking of starting a business or a career, it helps to know which industries favor start-ups. It’s true your business could fail, but your chance of success improves when you’re in a strong industry. Here are some industries that entrepreneurs might want to research.

Software Engineering

Things that science fiction writers dreamed about 20 years ago are now a reality. Software engineers play a starring role when it comes to making the impossible a reality. Every industry relies on some sort of software.

Software engineering involves creating custom software and systems. You can create software that solves a problem for or individuals. Other options include consulting, teaching a class, or starting an IT business.

Computer Forensics

Major data breaches are becoming more common. And millions of people have personal and business information stored somewhere on someone’s server. Companies rely on computer forensics specialists to track cyber criminals, retrieve lost or stolen digital data, and retrieve information from networks and devices. Businesses are more concerned than ever about digital security. And it’s estimated data breaches could cost companies up to $90 trillion by 2030.

Green Building

The construction industry is seeing increased demand for green projects. These projects consist of environmentally sustainable and energy efficient residential and commercial buildings. The government even offers subsidies and tax cuts for green building projects.

Green construction created more than 2 million jobs in 2014. As of 2018, it’s estimated that the industry will create an additional 1.1 million jobs. If you’re interested in construction, green building is certainly worth considering.

Translation Services

The number of translation companies in the United States has seen a 24 percent increase over the past seven years. Translators are in demand as more immigrants make the United States their home. And business is a global affair as well, which means trade occurs across cultures.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides support services while working from a remote location. You can provide services to other sole entrepreneurs or businesses. This service is in high-demand as more people are starting online businesses. All of the work is remotely done. It’s one business that a computer-savvy entrepreneur can start at home.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Now is the perfect time to enter a growing industry. The industries mentioned here are only a sample of popular industries. With a little research, you can find more industries ripe for an entrepreneur.







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