Diamond Ranch Academy ReviewAn In-Depth Analysis of Utah’s Top Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Teens

As parents, we spend hours looking for the best for our children: the best pediatrician, the best crib, best neighborhoods with the best schools. We want to give our kids every chance we can to have a happy and healthy childhood. We read books, we join parenting groups and classes, and we turn to other parents who have raised great kids of their own.

But the thought we push back to the furthest corners of our minds creeps back into plain view — sometimes keeping us awake as we lie in bed: Even if we do everything right, it might not be enough.

That’s right. Even the best parents can lose their children to defiance, addiction, or behavioral disorders. And the chances are that you have probably seen this happen to parents you know…or it may even be you. Despite the heartache and headache of the situation, parents of troubled teens have more resources and outlets now than ever before. With a quick Google Search, parents who are at their wit’s end can find solace in forums, helpful articles, and even nearby therapists if needed.

And even then, it still might not be enough. Some situations simply require a more rigorous approach that only an institution can offer. The thought of sending your child away to boarding school is no easy pill to swallow. But with the promise of hope and healing, weary parents continue their search for the best: the best boarding schools, the best rehabs, and the best therapeutic centers that specialize in helping troubled teenagers.

In the United States, there are 178 boarding schools and Utah is home to 16 of them. Out of these schools, the therapeutic boarding school that regularly receives the best ratings is Diamond Ranch Academy.

Why is Diamond Ranch Academy Considered the Best Boarding School?

Before we get into the “why” we first need to understand what goes into looking for the best boarding school for a troubled teenager. According to the admissions team at Diamond Ranch Academy, parents searching for the best boarding school for their teen look for the following criteria:


Learning what the mission and methods are of a therapeutic boarding school helps parents decide if that school is right for their child. The 55-acre Diamond Ranch Academy campus has the area and needed resources to operate six programs that have been customized by age and gender. Each child receives a tailored treatment from a team of professionals, giving the therapy a more one-on-one feel while providing the perks of a large campus. The approach used by Diamond Ranch Academy is focused on preparing your child for the real world using the life skills taught while at the academy.


While most boarding schools offer educational programs, not all are accredited. Parents who invest in Diamond Ranch Academy not only ensure that their child stays (or gets) on track to graduate high school to receive their diploma, they also have the opportunity to start working on their college education through their program called “College Bound.” Diamond Ranch Academy is currently accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission, the Utah State Office of Education, and AdvancED.

In the following video, a parent of a Diamond Ranch Academy student shares her experience in regards to the change she saw in her son in regards to education:

The Right Team

Diamond Ranch Academy has always known that in order to help more kids succeed in becoming their best selves, they must have the best team. Every teacher, therapist, and staff member goes through a rigorous background check to ensure your child’s safety.

Every teacher within the program is certified through the state’s Office of Education and the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). The teachers are passionate about learning and have dedicated their careers to helping troubled children find joy in learning.

Each mental health professional is also licensed and accredited through the state and they are required by Diamond Ranch Academy to stay up to date on additional training and continuing education opportunities.


Most parents begin their search within the United States, and for good reason. There is more government regulation and enforceable protection for your child here than overseas. While boarding schools in other countries may showcase more affordable tuition rates and higher success rates, many parents can tell you from their own experience that these claims were beyond misleading.

Sending your child somewhere that is too far away is almost as detrimental as selecting a boarding school based solely on proximity. While a convenient location might sound nice, many parents have found that the best therapeutic centers that are the best fit for their teen are not just a short drive from home. Considering that most therapeutic boarding schools — including Diamond Ranch Academy — have an orientation or visitation policy where family visits are limited in frequency, parents often put the focus on their child’s best interests rather than travel convenience.

One of the many reasons that Utah is the perfect location for Diamond Ranch Academy is the state’s age of majority. This prevents teens from being able to check themselves out of the program without their guardian’s consent.


Often parents who are interested in Diamond Ranch Academy are encouraged to look up reviews or contact other parents who have had a child in the program. Hearing from a parent who is now on the other side of things can help parents know if the program is right for their child. Diamond Ranch Academy encourages this sort of engagement as it is in the child’s best interest to join the program that is the best fit for their needs. From online reviews to video testimonials, to parents who have asked to share their contact information with anyone who is just looking for answers, there are many avenues to take in deciding if Diamond Ranch Academy is right for your family.



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