The Trump Transition Team Is Now Hiring

President Trump is Hiring

Are you a skilled and educated worker who dreams of working a government job in finance, national security, or foreign service? President Elect Donald Trump and his transition team are looking for you. Experience and loyalty to the republican party may be your ticket to working in the soon to be drained swamp known as Washington D.C.

The Trump transition team needs to fill around 4,000 jobs as soon as possible. While the openings are immediate, the hiring process can be a little complicated. Here is what to expect for some of the jobs:

Presidential Appointment with Confirmation Jobs (PAS)

There are 1,212 jobs that the President appoints that will require a Senate confirmation. This means that beyond the initial interview and FBI background check, you may have to go before a senate confirmation committee and be interviewed by the ultimate political insiders who serve six year terms. These jobs include cabinet secretaries, undersecretaries, ambassadors, and independent agency heads.

Presidential Appointments without Senate Confirmation Jobs (PA)

There are 353 positions, which mostly consist of the White House staff, do not need Senate approval. These jobs include the White House Chief Usher, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, Assistant to the Vice President Chief of Staff, and many more. Many of these jobs fill the halls of the White House and are highly coveted positions.

Non-career Senior Executive Service Jobs

Trump needs to fill 680 positions in this category. These appointees will work to ensure political leaders carry out civil service throughout the federal government.  Most of these jobs are managerial in nature.

Schedule C Appointment Jobs

These positions are mostly policy and administrative. Jobs such as scheduling and assistants to policy experts. Trump’s team needs to hire 1,403 people to fill these important roles.

How to Apply for Trump Government Jobs

President Elect Donald Trump and his transition team have build a new website called GreatAgain.Gov. While the individual jobs are not listed on the site, to be considered to fill one of these roles, simple got to “Serve America” link and complete an application and select the departments in which you desire to work.

Many of the jobs require a security clearance. A detailed FBI background check is required to obtain a clearance especially when working in a job that handles sensitive and classified materials. A desire to maintain a private email server will probably disqualify from getting one of these important jobs.

Any job that deals with budget, accountability, finance, and treasury will also require a personal financial statement to disclose financial status and ties to avoid any conflicts of interest.

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