Trump questions pressing charges after Lewandowski is busted

trump threatens reporter after lewandowski charged
Trump questions charging reporter after Corey Lewandowski received battery charge

Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been charged with one misdemeanor count of battery in Florida. A video was released showing a clearer angle of the altercation involving Lewandowski and Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. Corey voluntarily went to the police station and signed paperwork that ordered him to report to court in May.

New information about the incident is coming out. The Daily Mail reports:

But speaking on condition of anonymity, a member of Trump’s Secret Service detail told on Tuesday that Fields touched Trump twice – and was warned by agents to stop – before Lewandowski pulled her away.

‘She crossed in between agents and our protectee after being told not to,’ said the agent, who was present that night in Jupiter.

Was Corey Lewandowski merely protecting his beloved candidate or assaulting a female reporter? The Trump campaign is defending its campaign manager who has help the candidate become the GOP frontrunner.

Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said on CNN that Fields ‘crossed the threshold of the Secret Service,’ hinting at what might be a defense for Lewandowski during a scheduled May 4 hearing.

Jeff DeWit, the Arizona campaign chairman told CNN that Fields

‘lunge[d]’ into Trump’s ‘private space to try and stop him to ask a question and she has a circular object, I don’t know if it’s a highlighter or something … in her hand that she’s touching to Donald Trump.’

‘When you lunge out of a crowd at a leading presidential candidate who has Secret Service protection and you touch him with an object I think it’s safe to say that you might get your arm grabbed.’

‘She lunged out from a crowd towards a leading presidential candidate with something in her hand. This keeps getting forgotten,’ DeWitt said, adding that Lewandowski had served double duty as one of Trump’s ‘body’ men – his security forces – before Secret Service took over that role a few months earlier.

The Trump candidacy is fraught with scandal, negative social media attacks against women, and a disregard for acting presidential. A large percentage of republican voters have voted for candidates other than Trump. Unfortunately for them, Trump’s support was enough to gather more than 30%  of the vote, narrowly beating votes split between Cruz and Rubio.

Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich remain in the race in hopes for a contested convention.

The Trump campaign has a history of violence. Videos and images of his supporters physically attacking protesters have flooded social media. Trump even threatened that his supporters might riot if he is denied the nomination in a brokered GOP convention.

Condemnation for Corey Lewandowski’s actions is growing online.



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