Marco Rubio back in race? Rubio supports are calling for his return

only marco rubio unsuspend campaign
Rubio supporters are calling for Marco to return to the race against Trump

Marco Rubio supporters are calling for him to unsuspend his campaign. A open letter from Rubio voters calls for his return to the presidential race and help push the GOP to a contested convention. Cruz supporters counter this with an appeal to Rubio fans to support their candidate against Trump. Many refuse to support Ted Cruz after his numerous attacks against Marco forcing the best candidate out of the Republican primary elections. The “Only Marco” movement is racing the clock as the GOP convention in Cleveland nears.

only marco rubio new american centuryA new website founded by an outside Rubio group was launched today. The site contains an open letter to Marco Rubio:

“Dear Senator Rubio, you have inspired so many of us and we want you to know that you have many loyal supporters across this great country who would love nothing more than for you to unsuspend your campaign for President of the United States of America. We cannot allow Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton be the next President of the United States. We need your help! Many hope you make a floor fight in a contested convention to gain the nomination for President. Still others think you are the perfect candidate in a brokered convention. At the end of the day, we will support any decision you make, even if your decision is to remain on the sidelines for this convention and run for President again in the future.

Whatever your decision will be we the undersigned ask you to remain engaged in the public debate for the future of this country because we believe in A New American Century.

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Donald Trump continues to dominate the GOP pack and holds a 274 delegate lead over Ted Cruz. 1,237 delegates are needed to win the GOP nomination. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich are the last remaining candidates left to fight Trump. Rubio suspended his campaign after losing his home state of Florida to Donald Trump.

The campaign against Trump heated up last week as a small Super PAC ad run by Liz Mair featured a nude photo of Donald’s wife. This led to threats of “spilling the beans” on Ted’s wife Heidi Cruz by Trump. The escalating battle of the spouses peaked when a story about Cruz’s multiple alleged affairs was published in the National Enquirer. The credibility of the story has been challenged by Cruz since the paper is run by Trump ally David Pecker.

Marco Rubio currently has more delegates than John Kasich and performed better than him in Arizona even after suspending his campaign. If Marco Rubio returned to the race, many are claiming he would reach over 300 delegates.

National polling consistently placed Rubio ahead of Hillary Clinton, as Democrats feared him more than any other candidate in a general election match up. If Marco came back to push the race to a contested convention, he could re-emerge as the best hope for the GOP against Clinton in November.

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  • DC Bill

    Rubio could put Trump under the bus if an open GOP convention was held…hell, all he needs to do is show up.

  • Paulette McCoy

    Rubio’s concession speech was so gracious and dignified. Someone that I see as fitting to hold the office of a leader. Can anyone even picture Trump being that gracious. As I listened to Rubio, and his supporters started to boo. He told them … No … now they people decided. Had it not been for the circus that we had because of Trumps run this time, we might have ended up with a much better candidate. Trumps people swear he is in this because of his love for his country and it’s people. But I can guarantee you, he is in it for his own purposes.

  • Tawna Kramer

    I don’t personally know any Republican who has NOT voted for Marco Rubio! I can’t imagine what has happened with the two front runners we have! Marco Rubio, along with Senators John McCain and Bob Dole, are the finest presidential candidates we have had. I hope for and will continue to work for the win of the only viable Republican candidate, and future president, in my book- Marco Rubio! My conscience will only allow my vote for Marco.

  • Kim

    Please come back Marco!!!!! Our only hope!!!!!

  • debora

    bring back Marco please

  • Mary


  • Bobbie J.

    Make America Great Again! Trump 2016! Rubio lost because he is a choke artist. Lying Ted is going to lose.

    • Fred

      Don;t you mean “Chock artist?”

    • Robin Taylor

      Trump the Troll will NEVER be even half the man that Rubio is. He and his supporters are full of hate, mockery, disrespect, and bullying. It is sad that our country has fallen into this blackhole, and I refuse to engage into any discussions when people are so disrespectful and rude.

    • Jo Stack


  • Scot LaPreze


  • Amy W.

    Sign the petition to bring back Marco Rubio! Trump is a disaster and Ted Cruz is no better. #OnlyMarco

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