Trump Loves (David) Pecker

trump loves david pecker
Trump Loves (David) Pecker – 2nd from right

#TrumpLovesPecker is a trending topic on Twitter right now. What exactly does this mean? No, we don’t think Donald is infatuated with male anatomy. The Pecker Twitter is referring to is David Pecker, the Chairman and CEO of American Media. His company is the publisher of National Enquirer, Star, Sun, Weekly World News, Globe, Men’s Fitness, Flex, Pregnancy and Shape magazines. Donald Trump is friendly with David Pecker.

Twitter and its thirst for juvenile humor jumped on the connection. Here is Trump’s tweet that is the basis for the #TrumpLovesPecker movement:


The David Pecker and Donald Trump connection became newsworthy when the National Enquirer published a story about Ted Cruz allegedly having an affair with five different women. Two of the women pictured in the article were former aides. The denials from Ted Cruz’s campaigns and the women named have been widely published. Cruz blamed Trump for his sleazy tactics and credited him for the story.

Donald Trump’s close ties with the publisher of National Enquirer have called into question the accuracy of the article.

The GOP primary race has come down to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Many people are unsure of who John Kasich is or if he is still running. Trump and Cruz have skillfully kicked out their more qualified and better liked opponents.

Normal voters who care about the future of America are torn as to which candidate will win their vote. Their fist, second, and third best choices have all left the race. Many feel that regardless of whoever wins the nomination and eventual race with Hillary, we all lose.

The republican establishment and GOP leadership are kicking themselves for the current situation. Most thought Trump would implode early on, failing to take into account all the People of Walmart who zealously supported him.


  • Dave Francis

    My wife is wholly oblivious to the clash of personalities, where Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are concerned. She says it’s pathetic when any politicians are acting like children, having heated argument over their wives when the country is in economic turmoil. She had voted originally for Obama and admitted to me that he is using his power to bring the US to its knees. She comes from a long line of dedicated Democrats, but she has now come to realize that neither political party is really concerned about the people who put them in office. I was stunned to learn my wife is voting for Donald Trump this time around and not for Hillary Clinton, that she said had earned millions of dollars from foreign countries under the pretext of a suspicious charity? That she was unworthy to be President and a liar specifically where our security is concerned. The main reason my little lady is voting for Trump, is that he promised to build a wall, along the Mexican border. Then offering to me she has lost four friends because of drugs. Even her aunt’s daughter had perished early in life, owing to the poison crossing the border. She even added it’s got worse since Obama claimed the Presidency.

    I want somebody that will make a real difference, not politicians who owe their allegiance to special interests that want open borders. I think that is why unknown numbers in the population are crossing over to follow Trump. He doesn’t need money from any of the big corporations to excel in the race to be nominated. My wife and my mother in law are both moving their loyalty to Trump as they truly believe he will be beneficial to our country, purposely as nobody can buy him? All the others must rely on contributions and nobody does something for nothing? It’s interesting to note that politics are kept out of conversations, as it used to cause irritability in the family circle. She has said in recent days that why bother to vote at all, if the Republicans are going to rig the election against Trump and that we never really had much say in the matter anyway..

    One of her good friends had died on his motorcycle in the early hours, when colliding with a driver of a BMW. She had informed me that he would drink cases of beer daily and injecting himself with heroine why they were on the band circuit, watching him withering away before her eyes. She had divorced her first husband owing to his addition to pain pills, and once watched him collapse face first into his breakfast cereal. Another episode of his drug overdoses, he fell off a ladder unconscious and later after going their separate ways, she had found little bags of white crystal hidden within the garage, where he worked on cars during his spare time. Of course that was deep in her past, she suffers from arthritis these days and her hands can no longer handle the guitar strings.

    My wife has two children who grew up without a father, and it was later in life when she married me and now content with her life. After my service in the Viet-Nam war, I came back to civilization only bruised, but not tolerated by millions of Americans. My mother and father did not tolerate any drinking, smoking, and certainly not taking any drugs, including the psychological addicting marijuana in their home. My lady blames Mexico for all the deaths of her friends and a relative and the millions of young teen who have succumbed to drugs of any kind, seeing them become despondent with their lives. She blames Mexico and the US government for not placing any real wall in the way, when the authorities on the Mexican side could easily have used troops to stop the importation of drugs, and illegal immigrants coming to America and stealing jobs and welfare. Nobody has done anything substantial for decades, and enforcement in none existent in the Obama administration.

  • Emily

    Cruz is going to win Wisconsin and destroy sleazy Trump!
    CRUZ 2016

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