10 Best Tech YouTubers to Watch in 2023

In the tech-centric world of today, staying updated with the latest trends and gadgets is paramount. YouTube, as a platform, offers a plethora of tech enthusiasts providing insights, reviews, and opinions about the rapidly evolving tech landscape. While there are numerous options, we’ve handpicked 10 tech YouTube creators who have significantly influenced the digital realm.

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee, often recognized by his channel name MKBHD, has long established his legacy on YouTube. He not only reviews gadgets but thoroughly explains the intricate details behind every product’s technology. From discussing the OLED displays on smartphones to the breakthroughs in battery technology, Marques leaves no stone unturned. His interviews with industry leaders, like Elon Musk and Satya Nadella, provide an unprecedented depth into the tech industry’s future trajectories and innovations.


The charm of Arun Maini’s channel, MrWhoseTheBoss, lies in its innovative presentations. He is known to unravel hidden features and tricks in smartphones and gadgets that users may often overlook. His series on smartphone camera comparisons, where he pits flagship devices against one another, stands out for its objective assessment and detailed breakdowns. Arun has a knack for predicting industry trends, making his speculative videos a must-watch for tech enthusiasts.


Justine Ezarik, popularly known as iJustine, offers a vibrant and user-friendly approach to tech. Apart from reviewing the latest Apple products, she is known for her DIY tech setups and tech-oriented travel vlogs. A dedicated segment of her channel dives deep into tech history, exploring the genesis and evolution of iconic devices, offering viewers a holistic view of the tech timeline.


Judner Aura’s channel is like a tech handbook for everyday users. His segments, such as “My Ultimate Setup” where he showcases his tech ecosystem at home or office, are particularly enlightening for viewers looking to optimize their digital setups. Another notable series is “Best Tech Under $50,” guiding users to find budget-friendly yet high-quality tech products.

Unbox Therapy

Lewis Hilsenteger’s approach to tech is both entertaining and informative. While his primary focus is unboxing, Lewis offers a candid look at the real-world application of these gadgets. His “Latercase” venture, where he delved into smartphone case manufacturing, offered viewers a rare peek into the product creation process, showcasing his multifaceted relationship with tech.

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Sebastian’s forte is the world of PC building. His “Ultimate PC Builds” showcases monstrous rigs that are as much pieces of art as they are technological marvels. Additionally, his “Scrapyard Wars” series, where he and his team build powerful PCs under budget constraints, is both an educational and thrilling watch, highlighting his deep understanding of hardware components.

The Tech Chap

Tom Honeyands’ expertise shines in his buyer’s guides, where he painstakingly breaks down the best gadgets in every category. His “3 Minute Reviews” segment stands testament to his ability to condense vast amounts of information into bite-sized yet insightful videos. Tom also conducts detailed “Head-to-Head” comparisons, allowing viewers to make informed decisions about their next tech purchase.

Dave Lee (Dave2D)

Dave Lee brings a designer’s perspective to tech. His reviews are a blend of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that users understand both a product’s visual appeal and performance caliber. Particularly revered are his laptop reviews, where he evaluates not just the specifications but also the build quality, keyboard feel, and real-world performance, making his channel a one-stop-shop for potential laptop buyers.

Austin Evans

Austin Evans is the embodiment of tech enthusiasm. His exploratory approach takes viewers on journeys through not only the latest gadgets but also retro tech, offering a balanced perspective on how technology has evolved. Austin’s “Building the Ultimate” series, where he crafts exceptional setups like the “Ultimate PS4” or “Ultimate Xbox,” is a treat for both tech and gaming aficionados.

Sara Dietschy

Sara Dietschy’s approach to tech isn’t just about the gadgets; it’s about how these tools can be harnessed by creative minds to produce exceptional work. This perspective is epitomized in her interviews with fellow creatives and entrepreneurs, where she peels back the curtain to reveal the human stories interwoven with technology’s progression. Off the YouTube platform, her podcast “That Creative Life” offers auditory insights into the lives of successful individuals who’ve married creativity with business acumen. Furthering her commitment to the creative community, “CreativeLive,” her educational hub, ensures that budding creators have the resources they need to thrive.

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