IDF Spokesperson is dedicated to providing compelling stories and up-to-date breaking news about the Israel Defense Forces, or IDF, and Israel in general. The IDF is unique among the armed forces of the world and has a proud history dating back to its founding in 1948.

The primary mission of the IDF is to defend the sovereign State of Israel and to protect Israeli inhabitants from the ever-growing threat of terrorism. The primary mission of IDF Spokesperson is to share news, information, and updates about the IDF’s military operations, its technological advancements in weaponry and equipment, and the brave service members fighting in its army, navy and air force corps.

IDF Spokesperson recognizes and seeks to uphold the Spirit of the IDF, a moral foundation that guides the actions of every soldier, officer, unit, and corps. The Spirit of the IDF encompasses:

  • IDF heritage and tradition
  • the laws, principles, institutions, and traditions of the democratic State of Israel
  • the tradition and history of the Jewish nation
  • universal ethics and morals formed by the dignity and value of human life

Israel’s security situation is also unique in the world. Since both men and women are conscripted to serve in the IDF, the relationship between civilians and service members is an integral part of Israeli life. As a result, this site will also feature news articles and other stories about Israeli life in general.

Our posts will regularly feature and highlight 1) Israeli culture, including cultural and religious roots, daily living, and current trends in art, entertainment, fashion, and food; 2) Israeli politics, government, and elections; and 3) technology, including Israeli startups, innovations, and breakthroughs in communications, health, and energy.

While our focus is on the IDF and Israel, IDF Spokesperson is an independent site that is in no way affiliated with the Israel Defense Forces.

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