What Do I Do if I Have an Addiction?

Realizing your life has spiraled out of control can be quite sobering. Accepting you have an addiction and that something needs to change, however, is the first step towards healing. Though it can be a long struggle, there are some important things to do once you accept your bad habit has become an addiction, which will improve your future chances of overcoming it completely.

Be Willing to Change

Recognition is great—but past this point, you need to find the motivation to change as well. Many know going into an addiction that what they are doing is dangerous, but just learning facts and statistics aren’t usually enough. For some people, it comes thanks to the intervention of good friends around you. For others, it is a tragic problem that your addiction puts you through. If you are still searching for motivation, however, a great way to find it is by doing a self-evaluation of how your addiction has already impacted your life negatively, and how it will continue to do so.

Get Help

Once you have motivation, however, you still need a lot more tools to win this battle. An addiction can cost you your job or license, so making strides to get it under control is crucial. The help you should look for to gain control depends on the type and level of addiction, of course—for alcoholics, there is the standard Alcoholics Anonymous program that can be found in nearly every area, and other similar group programs designed for your certain kind of addiction. For insidious addictions that require long-term intervention, however, you may want to look at rehabilitation centers near you that can also provide medical treatment along with accountability.

Evaluate Relationships

An addict is more tempted to continue an addiction when they’re alone—but that doesn’t mean every relationship is constructive as you seek recovery. If you truly want to put this problem behind you, evaluate those around you and what part they have played in or against your addiction. Often, someone introduces you to the very thing you are now struggling to overcome. Surround yourself with people who want and can help you be accountable so that you eventually can put this addiction behind you.

Addiction can quickly take over lives, and reclaiming yours will be a long process. But as you move forward, make sure to find inner motivation and get help from others, professionally and personally. Your journey starts now.

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