Trump Loves (David) Pecker

trump loves david pecker

Trump Loves (David) Pecker – 2nd from right

#TrumpLovesPecker is a trending topic on Twitter right now. What exactly does this mean? No, we don’t think Donald is infatuated with male anatomy. The Pecker Twitter is referring to is David Pecker, the Chairman and CEO of American Media. His company is the publisher of National Enquirer, Star, Sun, Weekly World News, Globe, Men’s Fitness, Flex, Pregnancy and Shape magazines. Donald Trump is friendly with David Pecker.

Twitter and its thirst for juvenile humor jumped on the connection. Here is Trump’s tweet that is the basis for the #TrumpLovesPecker movement:


The David Pecker and Donald Trump connection became newsworthy when the National Enquirer published a story about Ted Cruz allegedly having an affair with five different women. Two of the women pictured in the article were former aides. The denials from Ted Cruz’s campaigns and the women named have been widely published. Cruz blamed Trump for his sleazy tactics and credited him for the story.

Donald Trump’s close ties with the publisher of National Enquirer have called into question the accuracy of the article.

The GOP primary race has come down to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Many people are unsure of who John Kasich is or if he is still running. Trump and Cruz have skillfully kicked out their more qualified and better liked opponents.

Normal voters who care about the future of America are torn as to which candidate will win their vote. Their fist, second, and third best choices have all left the race. Many feel that regardless of whoever wins the nomination and eventual race with Hillary, we all lose.

The republican establishment and GOP leadership are kicking themselves for the current situation. Most thought Trump would implode early on, failing to take into account all the People of Walmart who zealously supported him.


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