Traditional Marketing Techniques That Will Never Go Out Of Style

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In today’s world, it can be tempting to jump on every new app or piece of technology to try and grow your business. However, it is always the principles and classic techniques that win over time. Set yourself for business success over the long term by using these traditional marketing techniques that will never go out of style:

Packaging Design

When a customer receives your product in the mail, they are being left with a tremendous first impression. If your packaging is average, dull, or boring, then they won’t create a strong attraction to your brand.

On the other hand, creative packaging design makes you unique in the eyes of the customers. This is also a chance to use bright, bold colors that match your logo, so it is easier to remember your company. Finally, don’t forget to include something inside the box that promotes other offers or gets them engaged further.

Good Ol’ Fashioned Reviews

People trust reviews, a lot. Even though they might not know who the person is, as long as they have established themselves as an expert, they will be able to convince a potential customer to buy a product. So, go looking for people who can give your product or service a great review, preferably someone with a large following or expertise in your field.

Some products, such as CBD oil and similar natural remedies, will definitely need in-depth reviews to help sell as well, as since they are related to the health industry, people want to know that they work and won’t cause any harm. Focus some efforts into not only getting great reviews, but in also managing the ones that may be out there as well. It will help create an atmosphere of trust and engagement around your business.

Cold Calling

If more entrepreneurs were willing to pick up a phone and talk to a person, there would be less business closing down every day. You don’t need to sell over the phone if that’s not your style or brand image.

Instead, you can simply call them to set up appointments to try and demo your product in front of them. That is the difference between sales and marketing. In sales, you’re asking for their money, and it’s high pressure. With a simple marketing call, you’re just gauging interest, so your sales process benefits later on.

Asking for Referrals when Selling

Thousands of years ago there was no phone, no internet, and no way to communicate with a massive number of people. You had to rely on word of mouth.

Through several cycles of evolution, word of mouth is still an active form of marketing. If you are referred to a friend for your business, that referral will be much more likely to close the deal as they already have inherent trust that you are legitimate. So include asking for referrals in every sale you make, whether it’s offline, in the store, or on your site. If you don’t feel comfortable asking for a referral, ask them to leave a review instead. Reviews are just as good as referrals. Positive reviews increase your trust and credibility and they can reassure potential customers that they are making the right decision to purchase your product.”

Radio and TV

Facebook ads and the like have taken the marketing world by storm. They can be an effective way to grow your business without a doubt. However, there is something to be said for traditional radio and television ads.

The reality is that with these mediums, you are paying less than you used to. You can reach vast markets very quickly. They are especially powerful for local marketing campaigns if you have a local service business of some kind.

Print Offers

When everyone else is zigging, you should zag. While your competitors are probably email marketing right now, you can sneak in through the front door. Using the power of the old-fashioned mail offer can do wonders in today’s climate.

Try offering a limited time discount, or even a free consultation. If they respond, then add that address to your hot list. You now know you have someone who is more receptive to your offers in the future.

Guerrilla Marketing

The lost art of guerrilla marketing is finding unique ways to get your business in front of your audience. After all, with so much noise today people are distracted. And they have learned to scroll their news feeds or walk past their local businesses in a hurry without paying attention to advertising.

Instead of doing the same old thing, change it up. Find a creative way to get the attention of your audience. Perhaps you go door to door handing out fliers, or maybe you sponsor an event related to your niche. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to getting more out of your business, you need a way to make your company stand out. There are a variety of ways to do this with traditional techniques. However, far too few businesses are actually doing it. So if you use the tips above you can set your company apart from the competition and enjoy even more market share.

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