Tim Kaine Interrupted Hillary’s Campaign With Debate Disaster

Mike Pence won vp debate

The Vice Presidential debate between Sen. Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence ended in a blowout victory for Pence. Kaine did his best to level every attack on Trump as quickly as possible only to be defeated by a calm and experienced former radio talk show host.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was probably counting on her running mate to play the role of attack dog. Her team provided him with ample ammunition to go after Trump and force Pence to respond. While the strategy seemed like a good idea at the time, they failed to consider Kaine’s inability to throw solid punches and Pence’s careful approach to debating.

Debate, Interrupted

From the moment the debate started all the way to the end, Kain kept unloading his canned attack lines. Each time Pence went to respond, Kaine would immediately counter with a rude interruption. He could not help himself as he interrupted him over 70 times during the debate. The Virginia senator’s constant interruptions made it difficult for Pence to respond to questions while Kaine talked over the female moderator and ignored her requests to respect the rules of the debate.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager sent this tweet that show the hypocrisy of the Clinton campaign attacks on the Republican candidate’s debate performance:

Kaine’s Temperament Questioned

Gov. Pence was crowned the winner of the debate as even the New York Times conceded the democrat’s loss. Kaine’s performance showed he lacks the temperament to be Vice President and it may hurt Hillary’s primary argument against Trump.

Twitter was not kind to Kaine as the hashtag #KaineWreck trended.

As the campaign progresses into its final four weeks, Kaine’s VP debate disaster may have a negative impact on Hillary’s chances of winning the election. The televised event showed Americans that Trump chose a running mate who has both the experience and temperament to help lead this country and balance out his outsider rough edges.

Polling results will roll in over the next week and so long as Trump remains calm and presidential, Hillary’s rise may soon be interrupted.

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