Spoiler Alert: John Kasich Does Not Win GOP Nomination

Gov. John Kasich spoiler alert

Donald Trump has accused Gov. John Kasich of stealing votes from him. Trump called on Kasich to drop out of the race arguing that Kasich is too far behind in delegates to win. Kasich’s losing campaign strategy may spoil Trump’s chances at reaching the magic 1,237 delegate number.

Gov. John Kasich is the latest candidate in a long line of opponents who have received the blame for one of Trump’s cringeworthy media soundbites. Kasich is now in Trump’s crosshairs is about to get the full force of the Donald.

This is not the first time Kasich has been called upon to drop out of the race. After Marco Rubio lost to Trump in Virginia, many blamed Kasich’s zombie campaign for siphoning votes away from the better candidate and handing the victory to the New York businessman. Kasich ignored the calls and vowed to win in his home state of Ohio.

Kasich’s singular win gave him the encouragement to linger on in the campaign. In debate performances, he refused to take the bait and pile on the Rubio & Cruz vs. Trump cage fight on stage. He chose instead to repeat his credentials and history in Ohio, boring voters with a safe and substantive message.

Seeking to appeal to moderate voters, the Ohio governor glanced over conservative red meat subjects and opted to give a more passive position on these issues. Kasich must have thought himself the tortoise in the race.

Kasich’s campaign tried to flip the message against Trump, contending that neither Donald Trump nor Texas Sen. Ted Cruz would earn enough delegates to clinch the nomination outright before GOP convention in Cleveland.

In order for Gov. John Kasich to win the nomination, he would need to win 1,094 of the remaining 943 delegates. This is a mathematically impossible challenge.

Sen. Ted Cruz is leading in RCP poll averages for the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday. Trump follows him with 33.4% and Kasich trailing at distant 18.6%. In New York, Kasich follows Trump’s 53.3% with 21.3%. His lead on Cruz in that state helps Trump continue to gain delegates in his march to 1,237.

Sen. Marco Rubio currently has more delegates than Kasich even after suspending his campaign.

Kasich has a zero percent chance of getting enough delegates to win. His entire campaign strategy is focused on stealing enough votes from Trump and Cruz to force a convention fight. His chances of winning in a contested convention are better than zero.

Is anyone answering the phones at Kasich’s campaign headquarters? Calls for Kasich to quit continue to go unanswered.

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