Pest Dangers To Know About In Idaho Before Buying A Home

Pest Dangers To Know About In Idaho Before Buying A Home


There is a lot to consider when buying a new home. A good home inspector can help highlight the things that concern most homebuyers like foundational issues or inadequate electrical grids, but pests are sometimes overlooked. The following are some pest dangers you should consider before buying a home in Idaho.

Bed Bugs are a Danger

Saying goodnight to a child and warning him or her about bed bugs always seemed like a cute thing to say in films or shows. This is no longer the case in places like Idaho. Homebuyers need to be aware of the possibility of buying a home that comes with bed bugs.

The bedbug epidemic in Idaho is getting worse as it is in other states in America. There are a few reasons you want to worry about these types of bugs; for one, they do feed on your blood. You also have to keep in mind that their waste or feces can cause allergic reactions, which can affect those in your family who suffer from allergies.

Stink Bugs Could be a Problem

Stink bugs or the brown marmorated stink bug is not necessarily dangerous, but that does not mean they cannot harm a family. This bug is becoming a problem for many homes in Idaho, which means that it is a bug that you have to pay attention to before purchasing a home. It may be a good idea to find out if other homes nearby have experienced issues with these bugs.

These bugs do not bite, but the scent they give off can cause an allergic reaction in some people. It should also be noted that some individuals feel a burning sensation should the liquid the stink bug emits touch them. Usually, this feeling goes away, but there are times when the reaction is severe, which is one reason you need to be mindful of them when house hunting.

The Nasty Roach Could be There

Roaches are perhaps one of the most common pests in America. Most people detest this insect and probably want to squish one should they ever see one in their homes, which is far considering that cockroaches can carry harmful diseases onto our countertops and sinks, and not say, directly to us.  So homebuyers need to keep their eyes peeled for any signs of roaches such as egg casings or dead roaches while house hunting.

Part of the reason these bugs can be so troublesome is because they are attracted to human food. These bugs can carry things like salmonella bacteria, which can cause food poisoning. Roaches have also been known to cause allergic reactions in some people. In other words, you do not want to move into a home that is already renting out a space for these pests.

Hornets Could be Buzzing Nearby

The hornet is another pest homebuyers should worry about. These flying insects do not die after stinging you like bees, and they deliver a little more venom than bees, which means that the likelihood of an allergic reaction is higher. Furthermore, their sting is more painful, which should be enough to worry anyone.

There are several types of reactions associated with the stings, such as swelling, which can vary in severity. Some people can experience extreme itching and hives that sometimes show up in areas of the body that were not even stung. People who have severe allergies could have difficulty breathing, which is pretty scary, especially for those who have children or are thinking about it. If you decide to buy a home with this problem, be sure to have hornet nests removed before moving into the house.

Ants Could be Another Issue

It’s fair to note that ants bites rarely cause a reaction. These insects do not normally shoot venom as hornets do nor can they transfer bacteria, but they can contaminate your food. These bugs are attracted to human food, mainly sweets, and sometimes carry debris with them, which can be dropped on your food. The debris could be anything from dirt to feces, which is the real concern. For the most part, this insect and the rest can be prevented from coming into a home in a few ways. The house needs to be adequately insulated. There should be no cracks around the house, window seals should be perfect, and there should be bug screens all around.

Hopefully, some of this information helps ensure that the houses you’re looking to buy are pest-free. Note that some signs of pest problems can be easily resolved, such as a tree branch that is too close to the house and could lead pests inside — all you have to do is trim the tree. Be sure to talk to a pest specialist as they can help control wasps, ants, mice, cockroaches and other common pests around the Idaho area to help ensure that it is pest free and that there are preventative measures in place for it to stay that way.



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