mark mariani

Mark Mariani, Armonk Builder, Talks About Modern Home Construction

When Mark Mariani got his start in construction, homes looked more than a little different than they do today. That was 45 years ago when he was learning construction trades as a preteen and teenager in Armonk, New York. The bulk of what Mariani learned was that of skilled tradesmen and still applies today even as home design trends change. He is adept at building a structurally sound home in any style. After founding Mark Mariani, Inc. as a young man, Mariani got to work building elaborate estates in Greenwich, Connecticut, where residents have very high standards and expectations and can afford to be more than a little bit picky. In order to succeed in Greenwich, Mariani had to understand design, build with the highest quality materials, and work fast. He was up to the challenge. In the decades since, Mark Mariani has continued to work his magic in one of the wealthiest regions of the country, building homes and developing properties that most people can only dream of. He has watched trends come and go, but his approach to building and design is that of timeless elegance. With a primary focus on functionality for his specific clients, and a secondary focus…

Solar Investments to Surpass Oil Production in 2023, IEA Predicts

May 25, 2023

Global investment in solar energy is predicted to exceed oil production for the first time in 2023, attracting over $1 billion a…

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Target rising crime

Rising Crime and Organized Theft Take a Toll on Retailers like Target and Walmart

May 25, 2023

Retail giants such as Target and Walmart have been grappling with a growing issue that is eating into their profits: rising organized…

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Your Guide to the IRS’s Plan for an Online Tax Filing System

May 16, 2023

The IRS is shaking things up with plans to develop an online system that allows taxpayers to file their returns directly with…

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Chat GPT AI jobs

The Impact of AI Tools Like Chat GPT: A Paradigm Shift in the Industry

May 10, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative technology with the potential to revolutionize various industries, and the financial markets are no…

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panama papers trump hillary soros american

The Shell Game: Exposing Americans in the Panama Papers

The Panama Papers is the largest ever leak of secure data. The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung received a large amount of encrypted internal documents from Mossack Fonseca, a Panama-based company that sells offshore shell companies to wealthy clients.  The secure documents…

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netanyahu paul ryan jerusalem

Netanyahu meets with House Speaker Paul Ryan in Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan in Jerusalem today.  Speaker Ryan led a bipartisan delegation of U.S. congressmen in a visit to demonstrate America’s strong support of Israel. “The delegation expressed strong support for…

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Gov. John Kasich spoiler alert

Spoiler Alert: John Kasich Does Not Win GOP Nomination

Donald Trump has accused Gov. John Kasich of stealing votes from him. Trump called on Kasich to drop out of the race arguing that Kasich is too far behind in delegates to win. Kasich’s losing campaign strategy may spoil Trump’s chances at…

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bernie sanders social media blackout

Media Blackout Won’t Stop Bernie Sanders

Wisconsin is Ready for Bernie. Poised to collect his fourth consecutive win, Sen. Sanders has succeeded in standing up to the Clinton media machine.  He has endured an onslaught of media silence that has enabled his campaign to perfect its grassroots social media messaging. Networks have…

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Downtown Shop Small, Shop Local

The difference between Shop Small and Shop Local

For years now people have been attempting to encourage consumers to “shop local” and “shop small”, using the terms interchangeably along the way. It’s hard to argue with these movements though because of course you want to shop locally, of…

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hillary valeant drug bernie entitlement

Hillary’s new drug to fight entitlement outbreak

  Hillary’s Clinton Global Initiative is always on the lookout for new opportunities to help people. A viral breakout has inflicted millions of college students and unemployed millennials. Using her strong health care experience, Hillary may team up with pharmaceutical giant…

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marco rubio convention wisdom

The Conventional Wisdom of Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio has been quietly calculating his comeback. The Florida Senator has made strategic moves to protect his hard earned delegates. Rubio was an early favorite of moderate republicans who chose not to cave into conservative extremism. Feared by Democrats and…

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brussels EMS denies Israel existence

Belgium EMS Denies Israel’s Existence after Brussels Attack

An operator in the Belgian Federal Emergency Hotline told a Jewish caller that Israel does not exist. A representative with the Jewish Coordination Committee contacted the Federal Hotline to get permits to send Jews wounded in attacks back to Israel. The…

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text gun emoji lands man in jail

Texting a gun emoji lands Frenchman in jail

Texting a image of a gun landed cost a French man $1,135 and three months of his life in jail.  A French court has has ruled against a 22 year old Frenchman for texting his ex-girlfriend a emoji that was a…

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EgyptAir Hijacking selfie

Desperate EgyptAir hijacker posed for selfie with fake bomb

Seif Eldin Mustafa, 59, hijacked an EgyptAir flight using a fake bomb. The flight was redirected to Cyprus and the incident ended after a six hour standoff. The EgyptAir flight was supposed to be a short 28 minute flight from…

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bernie sanders wisconsin primary

Bernie Sanders May Win in Wisconsin Primary with Progressive Support

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is on a roll. Fresh off his primary victories in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, Sanders looks ahead to Wisconsin. Madison, Wisconsin’s second largest city, is a liberal stronghold. The state capital is somewhat of a second home…

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iron dome system IDF

Israel Iron Dome missile defense moved near Gaza

The Iron Dome missile defense system has be deployed near southern Israel. The batteries have been place in various protected locations along the border with Gaza. News of a credible threat has not been published. The IDF has positioned the…

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FBI unlocks iphone Hillary Clinton BlackBerry

FBI Cracked Terrorist iPhone, Hillary’s BlackBerry May Be Next

The FBI has cracked the San Bernardino terrorist iPhone. Will this technology be deployed to finally crack the Hillary Clinton email scandal? A peek into her BlackBerry might be the key to opening up this case. reported that an Israeli…

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Cruz scandal deserves lawsuit – unless it’s true

Ted Cruz has argued before the Supreme Court of the United States. He should have no problem wining a lawsuit for defamation against the National Enquirer, unless the story has merit. Last week Donald Trump threaten to spill the beans…

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john kerry embarrasment

Kerry calls GOP race ‘An Embarrassment’ – Just like his Iran deal

Failed Presidential candidate and Secretary of State John Kerry has called the Republican primary race ‘An Embarrassment’. During his appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Kerry called out GOP candidates. He claims that foreign leaders are “shocked” by campaign rhetoric…

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IDF shoots Palestinian after stabbing soldier

Netanyahu Defends IDF after shooting caught on video

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has defended the Israeli army (IDF) as the country is torn on how to respond to a video of a IDF soldier shooting a Palestinian attacker after he was caught attacking soldiers in attack. Many are…

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ajmam fire

Fire erupts at Ajmam towers

A huge fire has erupted in a residential building in Ajman near Al Merqab Roundabout on Monday evening. According to eyewitnesses, Ajman and Sharjah civil defense teams had already reached the scene to put out the fire. No casualties have been…

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Death toll rises to 70 in attack that targeted Christians in Lahore

The number of deaths increased to 70 in the Easter Sunday suicide bombing in Lahore, Pakistan. The terrorist attack at a public park was claimed by the Pakistani Taliban’s Jamaat-ur-Ahrar faction, which once declared its loyalty to ISIS. The group claims it…

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