Are You Making One of These Major Mistakes with Your Movers?

Moving is a stressful time. When you begin working with professional movers, it’s important to avoid common mistakes. Knowing what some homeowners have not done will make it easier for you to avoid similar situations.

Using Poor Boxes

Cheap boxes are everywhere, making it easy to save money on packing up everything. However, you don’t want to risk your personal belongings by using wimpy boxes. Boxes that come from grocery stores may have been through the wringer and back. They’ve been refrigerated, rained on, and torn apart. This breaks down the integrity of the box. Instead, pay attention to what condition the box is in so you don’t encounter the bottom falling out in the middle of the move. On heavier items, use study boxes so you know that they’ll hold up. Following a few packing tips can go a long way.

Source: The Packaging Company

Not Tipping

Tipping is customary for anyone who is providing you with a service when it comes to gratuity-based professions, such as valet drivers and servers at restaurants, so how does moving weigh in? While tipping is not expected, it can certainly help show your appreciation especially if you are moving on a hot or rainy day or your move involves lots of stairs. Tipping $10 – $20 per mover is one guideline to follow for major cities. Another is $10 – $40 per mover per hour per day, depending on how well the movers did. By tipping the movers ahead of time, this thanks them in advance for a job well done, and helps ensure that they use the highest level of care as they move you to your new location.

Source: Moving Company Reviews

Not Prepping

Movers will give you a checklist to help you get ready for moving day. This list can offer a lot of useful tips that will help you in the weeks leading up to your move. By taking the time to organize your move, you can make sure that everything is packed. Boxes can be labeled. Plus, your new place will be measured so you know what will fit where. It will make it easier for you to point to where everything needs to go when the movers arrive at your new place. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck moving things around after they leave.

Source: The Moving Blog

Movers want to help you. If you need added services or need advice on how to pack something, ask them. They’re there to provide you with a service, so look to their expertise for a stress-free move. Make sure to plan beforehand the order in which boxes will need to be used at your new home. A little preparation goes a long way to make unpacking easier.


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