Israel: Heavy Hitter in Gaming Industry?

Israeli Gaming Industry

The Israeli gaming business is home to more than 5,000 startups who are innovating and changing the country’s $1 billion game industry. These gaming companies focus on mostly mobile gaming. Unbeknowing to most, Israel is a top competitor in gaming startups right after Silicon Valley. The variety of games available include online gambling, kid games and ad-tech.

Israel’s gaming numbers are not shocking to most as the year before it did $800 million in sales. There are currently 8 million residents in Israel which makes sales of this size pretty great for this holy country. Playtika is one of the top gaming companies in Israel. With the gaming industry worldwide being over $75 billion in sales, Israel has great potential to see more of the market share. It is not uncommon for smaller countries to increase its economic growth solely from one industry that is based on technology. This booming industry has created thousands of jobs. Most of the positions are for developers and programmers respectively.

Some of the most noteworthy uses for Israel’s usage of technology is when PrimeSense partnered with Xbox 360 to create its motion-sensing system known as Kinetic. Unlike many countries, Israel made its top priority to capitalize on the growth of apps and mobile games available through the top rated smartphone, iPhone. Most of the games created were for players to gamble online. It was a hard sell as players would not be able to cash in their winnings. In 2011, Caesar Entertainment bought a social casino gaming company that was based in Israel. Israel has seen most of its strength come from social casino and educational games.

Israel has great gaming industry advantages like nine universities and a brilliantly technologically advanced military. There are also many venture capitalists who are willing to fund gaming companies due to the great success that founding gaming companies have had so far. Although Israel’s government does not invest in any tech companies or the entire gaming industry, it does give foreign companies a tax break. This allows for more jobs and economic growth. The gaming industry is a perfect fit for Israel as it has limited natural resources.

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