IDF Soldiers, Officers Warned About Possible CIA Recruitment

CIA Seal

Soldiers and officers of the Israel Defense Forces were just issued a letter warning them about possible recruitment by the American Central Intelligence Agency. The communication came from IDF Military Intelligence, and stated that the CIA may attempt to recruit Israeli soldiers, citing past incidences.

In the letter, IDF soldiers and officers were told to be alert to any strange incidents and to report the activity to their commanders. In 2012, the letter states, American interrogators, who were presumed to be CIA, probed Israelis who traveled to the U.S. These Israelis had confidential or sensitive jobs. After they were grilled, reports say, the interrogators attempted to sway them to sign up with the CIA.

While the military has confirmed the letter, there is no indication as to why it was sent out at this time. However, one high-ranking military official said in an interview that there is always a concern of confidential information leaving one security or intelligence agency and going to another.

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