How to Improve Your Business Website SEO

The online space can get pretty competitive, so it’s important to put some time and attention into your SEO or search engine optimization. Improving your SEO helps your site to rank higher when people search for things related to your content. A higher ranking means more online traffic and more business, so consider what strategies would be helpful to boost your site.

Focus on Keywords

Using keywords is one of the best ways to increase your SEO ranking. These keywords are what people are searching for. If the searched keywords match your site, then the search engine will put you higher on the ranking. There are a few things to consider when selecting keywords. Don’t oversaturate your site with keywords. This can actually be detrimental to your ranking. Use them sparingly but meaningfully. You also want to consider using phrases rather than just one word. Consider your content and what phrases people would search for in order to find that content.

Keep a Blog

While it shouldn’t be your only focus, blogging can be an incredible digital marketing tool. Maintaining a blog does many things, but it largely functions as a means of increasing online traffic. This traffic is most helpful if you can build a following. It ensures regular traffic that can help boost your rating. There are lots of ways you can create a successful blog. Always make sure you are putting out quality content. Put time and effort into any blog posts you create and always double check them for grammar and spelling. You can also improve your blogs by incorporating high resolution pictures and including headings to increase readability and organization.

Include Linkable Content

Links can do a lot to increase your ranking. If you make a lot of claims on your site, it’s important to back them up with sources. This helps to make your site look more credible. Make sure you use good sources that are factual, reliable, and recent. For example, a source from 10 years ago would no longer be relevant and it wouldn’t add to your site. In addition to external links, you should also consider using internal links. Internal links, lead to other pages on your own website. This both increases traffic and adds value to your pages. If your pages have more value, then your ranking can increase.

List Your Business

Another way to increase traffic to your site and boost your ranking is to list your business on sites like Google Business. Listing your business means you can include contact info, an address, reviews, pictures, and more. You can control the information about your business so it can be accurate for those who search for it or similar businesses. When you list your business, you also have the added advantage of being displayed over other businesses who haven’t listed. Your information will be found more readily and easily. This can greatly increase interest and engagement in your business.

Consider Your Format

In order to improve your SEO, you need to create a site that will be appealing to potential viewers. Because of this, the overall look of your site is very important. Make sure the appearance is clean and organized. Don’t use glaring colors. Use bold, colored, or italicized font sparingly. To increase readability, consider adding bullet points and headings so viewers can glean information quickly. Additionally, you want to make sure your site works well on mobile phones since many people search on their phones rather than on a desktop. If your site is not optimized to work on mobile devices, it will rank lower.

Incorporate Social Media

Your ranking can improve if you use social media on your site. An example of this is having a feature that allows viewers to easily share pictures or graphics to their social media from your site. Any site that uses social media, sees an increase in their ranking if people are sharing their content. Using social media also leads to a general increase in traffic to your site. Beyond having links on your actual site, make sure your business is on a variety of social media platforms. This helps to bolster awareness of your business and lead to more traffic on your site.

Use Multiple Media Formats

Engaging readers on your site is easier if you have more than just text. Try applying other media formats. For example, you can add pictures, charts, or infographics to add more visual appeal to your site. If you have a shorter article, adding these elements can also make your posts longer which is another bonus for your ranking. Another great tool is including videos on your site. Many users prefer to watch videos as it’s easier to watch than to read. Videos also work to increase the amount of time spent on your site. Overall, having multiple media formats can increase the appeal your site has as well as the amount of time viewers spend on your site. This combined can help increase your ranking.

Site Maintenance

Having a well-maintained site is key to improving your SEO. Make sure you are constantly updating and improving your site. For example, clean out any broken links on your site. You want to make sure all your links are working and, as discussed, that they link to relevant sites. As you work on your site, make an effort to improve server response time and page loading speed. The longer it takes for your site to load, the more people will click off and this will damage your ranking. To address this, as well as other issues, consider reviewing your code. If it is too long or contains more than what is necessary, it can slow down your site. It also can take longer for search engines to review your site. Overall, make sure your website is tidy and well cared for.

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do to improve your website’s SEO. Taking the time to work on your site is definitely worth it as it can lead to more engagement in your business. Evaluate what strategies will work best for you and begin applying them now.

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