Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Pardon

Hillary Clinton’s Fate Could Lie With Presidential Pardon

Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified emails on her private server and FBI investigations into the Clinton Foundation may lead to a criminal indictment. A Trump administration could fulfill its campaign promise to “Lock Her Up” and satisfy the quest for justice millions of angry voters demanded. With this dark cloud of criminal conspiracy looming over Clinton, will President Obama spare her from another bruising public humiliation? Obama can grant a presidential pardon to Hillary right up until noon on January 20th, 2017.

Will President Obama Pardon Hillary?

The current president addressed this issue when he was asked back in August of this year.

“The process that I put in place is not going to vary depending on how close I get to the election,” he said in response to a question from USA TODAY. “So it’s going to be reviewed by the pardon attorney, it will be reviewed by my White House counsel, and I’m going to, as best as I can, make these decisions based on the merits, as opposed to political considerations.”

Press Secretary Josh Earnest said last week that nothing has changed since the election outcome. “I wouldn’t speculate at this point about what impact that may have on hypothetical pardon requests that he receives. I’ll just say that the guidance that President Obama shared with you is still operative” he told reporters during a bittersweet post election press conference.

Many people say that since Clinton has not been formally indicted of a crime, therefore no pardon is necessary. History will show that presidential pardons clearing someone of potential charges is not unprecedented. Lyndon B. Johnson pardoned Richard Nixon of any possible crimes that could arise from the Watergate Scandal. This allowed the outgoing president to avoid any future prosecution that could arise from any evidence uncovered years after leaving the White House. Presidents Obama and Trump could do the same for Hillary if it seemed politically prudent.

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