Great Gift Basket Ideas for Winter Weddings

Most people aim for a June wedding. But then there are those independent souls who just insist on doing things their own way. Enter your friend, who has decided to have her wedding in the snow. Never mind that it is cold and wet and inconvenient. She is your friend and you still have to get her a gift. For that winter wedding, why not build her a fun and unique gift basket? Here are some ideas for building the perfect gift basket for your friend’s winter wedding.


Choose An Enticing Basket

Here, the word “basket” is used loosely. You could use a crate, a box or a bag. You could even arrange your cache of gifts inside of a balloon. As long as you have a theme so that it looks like it belongs together and it looks nice when it is all put together, then that is what you want. To throw things together haphazardly simply looks like you don’t care.


Choose a Theme

A good idea here might be to choose one of the registry gifts and build around it. A favorite is linens. Whether they need sheets for the bedroom, towels for the bathroom or curtains for the living room, let that be the centerpiece for your basket. You should also add some sort of packing material so that items do not rattle around and risk getting broken. You could use shredded paper, tissue paper or cellophane.


Choose Smaller Items

Once you have your theme and your centerpiece, finding smaller items to fill up your basket should be a breeze. For example, in the kitchen you could include things like mixing spoons, spatulas and measuring cups. Obviously, consider what they bride and groom might like. For the bathroom you might include a soap dish set and bath mats. Essential oils are a nice touch for any room in the house. According to doTERRA, essential oils can be used in a variety of ways, from making the room smell nice to being useful for the body. Lemon, frankincense, peppermint, oregano and lavender are all great oils for the winter. If you decide to give essential oils add in a diffuser and guide for how to use essential oils.


Add Treats

Add something yummy for the bride and groom. Depending on their preferences you could add some nice gourmet coffee, popcorn, or sweets. Having a little something to snack on helps to round out the basket so that you have appealed to all their sense.


Building a gift basket for your friend’s winter wedding is a great way to show you care without spending too much money. It gives you a chance to show the bride how well you know her, how much her friendship means and it is a way to send your best wishes for her future happiness.


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