Which Tesla Should You Buy – Model 3 or S60?

Tesla Model 3 vs S60

By Armen Hareyan from TorqueNews By end of April the orders for Tesla Model 3 have reached nearly 400,000 globally by mid April and while Tesla reintroduces Model S 60 at twice the price of Model 3, but cheaper than Model S 70. Who will buy them and what should you do if are thinking to…

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Obsolete Voting Machines Could Ruin The Election

bernie sanders social media blackout

Imagine you went to your basement and dusted off the laptop or mobile phone that you used in 2002. What would happen if you tried to turn it on? We don’t have to guess. Around the country this election year, people are going into storage, pulling out computers that date back to 2002 and asking…

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Should Pluto Be Named A Planet Again?

pluto should be named a planet

The New Horizons probe, which NASA launched nearly 10 years ago to observe Pluto up close, sent back some incredible of the planet. But wait, is it a planet, or not? When New Horizons left Earth in January 2006, Pluto was officially a member of the planet club along with Mercury, Venus, our lovely green home,…

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Can your Facebook friends help you find a job?

facebook friends ob search

by: Laura Gee, Tufts University More than half of jobs are found with the help of a social tie, whether a friend, relative or distant acquaintance. For example, a friend may tell you about a job opening at her firm or a parent may offer you an internship at his company. For the eight million people…

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Colin Furze Builds a Hoverbike with Help from Ford

colin furze ford hoverbike

The hoverbike has arrived, thanks to the internet’s favorite inventor Colin Furze. This incredible feat was documented on YouTube thanks to a little help from Ford. The hoverbike goes only a foot or two off the ground and looks like a fun way to get around. YouTuber creator Colin Furze, famous for his homemade Wolverine…

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Yahoo listed for Sale on Craigslist

craigslist yahoo for sale

  Things just keep getting worse for Yahoo. Yahoo, the iconic internet company was just listed for sale on Craigslist. We heard things were bad, just not Craigslist bad. Yahoo’s short-term outlook is bleak, and it is currently soliciting offers from potential buyers. As people grew out of their @yahoo.com email addresses and got a…

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Dead Body Found at Apple HQ – Police Investigate Possible Gunshot

Apple Headquaters Dead Body Found Gunshot

A dead body has been discovered at Apple’s headquarters located at 1 Infinite Loop. A 911 dispatch call to Apple’s headquarters suggests a possible suicide.TMZ reports: According to the sheriff’s dispatch call there was a female employee involved in an argument on the campus — and she was being escorted out by security when she sustained a…

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