Time for Ted Cruz to Drop Out of GOP Race

ted cruz lucifer devil

Donald Trump Wins Indiana Primary – Time for Cruz to Quit It is time for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to suspend his campaign after his devastating loss in Indiana. Cruz exhausted every effort to win the GOP nomination and now he needs to end his campaign with dignity before he loses all respect from Republican…

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Historic Photos Prove Trump May Be Right About Rafael Cruz

Rafael Cruz Hindenburg

Is Rafael Cruz Connected to Lee Harvey Oswald? Donald Trump exposed Ted Cruz’s father Rafael Cruz as one of history’s villains today. He presented evidence printed in the National Enquirer that showed a photo of what looks like Rafael Cruz handing out flyers with JFK’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Cruz responded to Trump’s bombshell accusation…

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Bryon Reed for Bonneville County Commissioner

Bryon Reed for Bonneville County Commissioner Seat 3

An Idaho native with Idaho values, Bryon Reed is running for Bonneville County Commissioner Seat 3. Idaho voters living in Bonneville County go to the polls on May 17. Reed has lived and worked in Bonneville County his entire life, and he upholds traditional values: faith, family, and freedom. He’s a local businessman who has achieved success…

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Dave Radford is running for Bonneville County Commissioner

Dave Radford for Bonneville County Commissioner

Elections are taking place all across the Gem State, and in Eastern Idaho, incumbent Bonneville County Commissioner Dave Radford is up for re-election in two weeks. Here are a few reasons voters should take a look at Dave Radford on May 17. Radford had a hand in helping Bonneville County be completely debt-free this year. Such news is quite…

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Celebrities Start Packing to Move to Canada with Trump’s Win

lena dunham trump canada

  Donald Trump dominated Tuesday’s Primaries. His wins in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, and Connecticut make it very difficult for Sen. Ted Cruz or Gov. John Kasich to argue for a clear path to the GOP nomination. With Trump’s victory, many liberal celebrities are fearful of a possible Trump presidency. As crazy as a Trump administration sounds, celebrities…

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Trump University – A Lesson in Bad Business Decisions

Trump University Failed Business

Trump’s Failed Business Ventures Trump University continues to follow Donald Trump as he moves forward in his fight for the GOP nomination. While he is famous for his wealth and successes, this primary season has brought forth many unsavory details about his questionable leadership and failed business ventures. Marco Rubio first brought Trump University into the public…

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