How to Throw a Memorable House Party

House parties can be a lot of fun. And besides, who isn’t craving a little party after all the stress and isolation we’ve been experiencing over the last year? It isn’t just enough to throw a house party though. It needs to be memorable. So what do you need to do to throw a memorable…

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The 4 Most Interesting Theme Parks in the West

The western region of the country enjoys an abundance of fun and interesting theme parks just waiting to be explored. The only challenge is finding the destination that will best meet your family’s needs. Here are four of the most exciting theme parks to consider for your next trip out west.  Disneyland A trip to…

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Making Hollywood Great Again

Make Hollywood Great Again Trump Celebrities

There’s little doubt that the 2016 election was one of the most contentious and divisive political campaigns in the modern era. As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appealed to voters around the country, traditionally left-leaning Hollywood did some campaigning of its own. Celebrities took to social media to decry Trump, accusing him of being everything…

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Suicide Squad Review

Suicide Squad

Last night DC’s third entry in to its DC Extended Universe, its film universe like the Marvel MCU, released to the general public. Suicide Squad opened with a $20.5 million Thursday night release snagging an August record. This movie is different than basically any other comic book movie in that it is based on a…

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Trump Promises to Bring Back Law & Order

Donald Trump Law & Order NBC show

NBC Law & Order May Come Back Under Trump’s Leadership GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump gave a long and rousing acceptance speech at the RNC last night in Cleveland. In the speech he rallied for bringing back Law & Order. Trump, an experienced television producer and personality is famous for his NBC reality show The Apprentice. …

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Drone Racing Is Driving Innovation Worldwide

drone race innovation

How might drone racing drive innovation? Jack Langelaan, Pennsylvania State University Over the past 15 years, drones have progressed from laboratory demonstrations to widely available toys. Technological improvements have brought ever-smaller components required for flight stabilization and control, as well as significant improvements in battery technology. Capabilities once restricted to military vehicles are now found…

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Twitter Reacts to Blac Chyna Baby Kardashian News

Blac Chyna and her fiance Rob Kardashian are having a baby. People Magazine is reporting that the recently engaged couple have confirmed that they are having a child together. Rob Kardashian is stealing the spotlight from his sister Kim Kardashian today as this new shakes the internet and lights up Twitter and Instagram. People Magazine…

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