Craigslist Boise Awesome-ness

Hand Carved Tiki Statue Craigslist Boise Idaho

The second edition of Craigslist Awesome-ness expands to Boise and the Treasure Valley area to see what else Idaho has to offer, and it is totally worth it. Like the our first edition, which was focused on Craigslist East Idaho, we asked the question “what would you find by searching for only the word “awesome”…

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The Rexburger Food Truck in Idaho Falls

Rexburger Food Truck Idaho Falls

Updated at 10:04 am, May 5th, 2016 By: Natalia Hepworth, IDAHO FALLS — A food truck named “The Rexburger.” You might think it’s a business based in Rexburg. But a millennial from Rigby decided Idaho Falls would be the perfect place for her new burger joint. “Food trucks are really popular on the coast…

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Ramsay’s Hotel Hell Features Island Park Business

Gordon Ramsay Hotel Hell Idaho

Updated at 10:11 am, May 4th, 2016 By: Nate Eaton, ISLAND PARK — Season three of the Fox hit show Hotel Hell kicks off May 24 with award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay visiting Island Park. Ramsay spent several days in November at the Angler’s Lodge in Island Park taping the episode. The series focuses on Ramsay…

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East Idaho Sweepstakes Victims Lost Over $70,000

The following is a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office. BOISE – The United States Attorney’s Office and US Postal Inspectors have seen a recent uptick of sweepstakes fraud victims in Southeastern Idaho, to include the Pocatello, Montpelier and Preston areas. Inspectors’ last trip through the area to speak to victims discovered losses of…

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Craig-tiquette: Craigslist Etiquette

The Fine Art of Etiquette During Private Buying and Selling Have you ever sold something via Craigslist or local classified ads? Have you ever bought anything via Craigslist or local classified ads? It is an adventure for both the buyer and seller to navigate the world of private sales. Back in the day you had…

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DraftKings and FanDuel Agree to Cease Contests in Idaho

DraftKings FanDuel Agree to stop in Idaho

The following is a news release from the Idaho Attorney General’s Office regarding DraftKings and FanDuel BOISE — Attorney General Lawrence Wasden says executives of two companies offering various paid daily fantasy sports contests have agreed to quit providing those contests to consumers in Idaho. The agreement with DraftKings Inc., and FanDuel Inc., two of…

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Yahoo listed for Sale on Craigslist

craigslist yahoo for sale

  Things just keep getting worse for Yahoo. Yahoo, the iconic internet company was just listed for sale on Craigslist. We heard things were bad, just not Craigslist bad. Yahoo’s short-term outlook is bleak, and it is currently soliciting offers from potential buyers. As people grew out of their email addresses and got a…

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Craigslist East Idaho Awesome-ness

CraigsList East Idaho: Jurassic World Standee Blackfoot, Idaho

Here are 5 Awe Inspiring Ads from Craigslist East Idaho. According to Merriam and Webster, the word ‘awesome’ is simply defined as “extremely good” but also carries with it a deeper definition of “inspiring awe”. is a great place to find the things you need but it is also a great place to find…

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Trump University – A Lesson in Bad Business Decisions

Trump University Failed Business

Trump’s Failed Business Ventures Trump University continues to follow Donald Trump as he moves forward in his fight for the GOP nomination. While he is famous for his wealth and successes, this primary season has brought forth many unsavory details about his questionable leadership and failed business ventures. Marco Rubio first brought Trump University into the public…

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Craigslist scams to avoid in East Idaho

Craigslist Boise Craigslist East Idaho

Spotting Craigslist scams in East Idaho Craigslist is a great site for buying and selling motorcycles, renting real estate, finding tools, and even locating pets. With millions of people trusting online classifieds to get rid of furniture or find a deal on a used car, scammers are looking to take advantage of Craigslist users in Boise and East…

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