Craigslist East Idaho Awesome-ness

CraigsList East Idaho: Jurassic World Standee Blackfoot, Idaho

Here are 5 Awe Inspiring Ads from Craigslist East Idaho. According to Merriam and Webster, the word ‘awesome’ is simply defined as “extremely good” but also carries with it a deeper definition of “inspiring awe”. is a great place to find the things you need but it is also a great place to find…

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Craigslist scams to avoid in East Idaho

Craigslist Boise Craigslist East Idaho

Spotting Craigslist scams in East Idaho Craigslist is a great site for buying and selling motorcycles, renting real estate, finding tools, and even locating pets. With millions of people trusting online classifieds to get rid of furniture or find a deal on a used car, scammers are looking to take advantage of Craigslist users in Boise and East…

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