Business Functions That Don’t Leave a Lot of Room for Error

Business operations are always complicated, difficult to manage, and stressful to stay on top of. This is often because businesses run with limited room for error, operating with razor thin margins and struggling to make the right moves at every turn. When it comes to running business there are certain functions that require exactness, with no margin of error, and others are more forgiving to mistakes. Knowing which is which can help you save time, money, and operate smarter. Here are three business functions that don’t leave much room for error.

Customer Service

The first business function that provides no room for error on your part Is customer service. Customer service can be the highest stakes business function that your business takes on. Errors in customer service, whether it be things like long wait times, insufficient help, policies that make customers feel undervalued, or anything else, even just one poor customer service experience can turn a customer away from your business for life. Take customer service very seriously, because having truly exceptional customer service can make your company standout and poor customer service can sink what would otherwise be a successful business.


Another area of business functions that has no room for error is in billing. Your billing department cannot make any sort of mistake, it is always a bad look for your business and can cause your customers to lose trust in you and your business. Overcharging will anger your business partners and customers, while undercharging will hurt your bottom line. Revenue cycle management can help reduce errors in your business. The revenue cycle is a great financial process that helps you track all your payments as they start till they are completed, which can reduce questions and mix-ups during the payment process.


The final business function where you have almost no margin for error is in marketing. The major reason why marketing is such a big deal for your business is that it is so expensive. Spending money on a bad marketing campaign can ruin your finances and sink your business. Make sure you are spending your money smartly on marketing and make sure that you are pursuing campaigns that will achieve your marketing goals. Don’t allow small mistakes to bring down what could be a great marketing campaign.

Business is run-on paper-thin margins, with no room for error. But some business functions are less forgiving than others. Make sure your business priorities these three functions to ensure that you aren’t making costly errors.

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