Bernie Sanders May Win in Wisconsin Primary with Progressive Support

bernie sanders wisconsin primary

Bernie is tied in polls with Hillary in Wisconsin. Liberal support in Madison may help him win.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is on a roll. Fresh off his primary victories in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, Sanders looks ahead to Wisconsin. Madison, Wisconsin’s second largest city, is a liberal stronghold.

The state capital is somewhat of a second home for Bernie. The big annual progressive Fighting Bob Fest regularly hosts Bernie as its headliner in Madison. This year Bernie drew a crowd of over 10,000 fans. Bernie Sanders hopeful message and deep liberal ideals give him a popular boost in this delegate rich area.

Bernie needs a win in Wisconsin to continue his fight against democrat juggernaut Hillary Clinton. He lags behind in delegates in the race to reach the 2,382 needed to be crowned the nominee.

Hillary Clinton has used her time in Wisconsin to criticize Sanders. Clinton calls Bernie a “pie in the sky” candidate, dismissing his popular message and alienating his supporters who reject Wall Street’s influence in politics. She explained to supporters that she wasn’t a candidate just prosing “pie in the sky stuff” just to win votes from gullible voters.

Clinton was recently hit with #ToneDownForWhat Twitter trending hashtag after she scolded Sanders. Her demand for Sanders to tone down his rhetoric was met with outrage from his supporters online.

Bernie Sanders supporters are growing weary of Clinton’s dismissive approach to their beloved candidate. To them Bernie represents real change, a shift away from political cronyism and continuation of the unsuccessful status quo. Bernie has won the hearts and minds of youthful voters who are eager for hope.

The polls show Sanders and Clinton deadlocked in a statistical tie in the upcoming Wisconsin primary election. Both Clinton and Bernie are scrambling to win over voters to their side as the clock winds down. Wisconsin results have the potential to solidify Clinton’s case for inevitability or Sander’s case to push forward against the DNC’s favored candidate.

This race will decide which candidate will make history as either the first female or jewish democratic party presidential nominee.

On the republican side, Sen. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Gov. John Kasich are in a heated race. Cruz holds a narrow margin against the much criticized candidate Trump.

Update: A recent PPP poll has Sanders ahead of Clinton 49-43 (+6 Sanders)


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