7 Things That Only Lawyers Understand

Team of Lawyers

Being a lawyer puts you in a unique class in the world. Lawyers are what everyone needs eventually in their life, yet are unappreciated most of the time. And along those same lines, their enemy is your enemy — which is usually insurance provider. Unless the insurance provider is your client. In addition to this, here are 7 things that only lawyers understand:

The Client is Always Right, Even When They’re Not

One of the first things you learn is that your client is always right. This mentality helps you hold onto clients and win cases for them, even if you don’t always agree with that they are saying at the time.

Of course, deep down you know that they are not always correct in their statements or actions. However, when you avoid making them feel wrong, they will not hold it against you. This way, you can tell them what they want to hear while you continue to handle the case in the best way you know possible.

Make Friends with Other Lawyers

Networking is such a huge part of the legal profession. Often times, it comes down to knowing the right person to get the paperwork through the system faster. Other times, you could pick up some new clients.

For instance, even if you are not in the criminal defense field, you might know such an attorney that helped their client in a big way. When it comes time to do their estate planning, they might refer their client to you. This can work in a number of ways for virtually any industry.

Paperwork is a Big Hassle

Paperwork is one of those facts of life that all lawyers have to deal with. No matter what kind of day it is, you are going to be faced with a pile of documents. It could be from HR, you might be sifting through resumes to hire a new paralegal, or perhaps it is the mountain of case files for your newest client.

Learning how to manage documents is a skill that every lawyer will benefit from having. Looking for information on document management? There are plenty of resources out there. Knowing which software, productivity hacks, and times of the day are best for your key documents will let you get more done in less time, without all the stress that usually comes with it.

Ask Questions First, Talk Later

There is a lot of power in asking questions. In a way, questions are the answer. They allow you to get to the bottom of what people really are thinking. When it comes to advising someone legally on any matter, the more questions you ask the better.

Once you have heard them out and listened to their answers, you have a better idea of what to propose to them as a legal strategy moving forward. You can always tell a professional lawyer apart by how many questions they ask and time they spend talking versus listening.

Close the Deal As Soon as Possible

In sales there is the mantra that you should always be closing. Of course, in the legal field you are doing this too. You want to win clients from the moment they walk in the door to have their first meeting with you. This doesn’t always pan out the way you would think, but often helps you in the end.

For instance, anticipate the kinds of concerns that your client might have about doing business with you. If you don’t avoid this question but go all in you can make them trust you on a deeper level when you ask for their business.

The Law is Not Always Clear Cut

The might seem like it is set in stone. In reality, lawyers understand that much of it is up for interpretation. The judge, the lawyer, and even the client can influence how the law will be interpreted.

For this reason, expert lawyers always do their research. They look up old cases to draw out examples where the law was used in their favor or their clients’ favor.

Marketing is Essential

Marketing is a key part of being a lawyer today. Long gone are the days where you could simply hang up your shingle and call it a day. With so much competition today, you need to stand out. Part of standing out is getting outstanding customer reviews on your services. Get reviews from clients when you win their cases and satisfied with your work. Reviews go a long way to building trust with future potential clients.

One of the ways that lawyers can stand out is having unique angle on their profession. Perhaps you have a catchphrase or a special way of dressing. Anything you can do to be unique will set you apart from the rest.

Being a lawyer isn’t easy. However, knowing that you are helping someone have a better life is an amazing feeling. In addition to various aspects, the 7 things above are something that only lawyers will truly understand. And there’s something special about that.

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