5 Safest Cars on the Market

Driver safety has been a concern since the first four wheels hit the rutted road. Today’s cars are safer than ever and better equipped to handle accidents as well as avoid them all together. According to Abels & Annes, “Roughly one quarter of all passenger vehicle occupant accident fatalities in the United States occur from side-impact collisions.” Look for advanced safety equipment, such as electronic stability control, air bags and secure seat belts that assist with side-impact collisions and anti-lock brakes.

Here’s a list of the Top 5 safest cars and trucks on the road today. All of them have been rated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and have been cross verified with consumer and news outlets.

Audi A4

The IIHS rated the front crash prevention system as superior. The head restraints and seats, roof strength and easy-to-use child seat anchors make this one of the safest cars on the road for front- and side-impact collisions.

Toyota Tacoma

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the Tacoma a healthy four out of five stars in the frontal crash and rollover valuations. This longtime consumer favorite has advanced safety features such as a rearview camera that comes standard. It also offers driver assist features for options, including rear parking sensors and cross traffic alert, blind spot monitoring and more.

Jeep Cherokee All Wheel Drive

The NHTS gave this workhorse a solid four stars in its crash-test scores overall and five stars for its side-impact crash worthiness. The Jeep Cherokee comes with a few safety features as standards, such as the rearview camera. The upper trim levels offer more active safety features, including frontal-collision warnings, blind-spot monitoring, parking sensors and adaptive cruise control.

Mazda CX-9 2 Wheel Drive SUV

With electronic stability control and roll stability control, ABS and driveline traction control, side impact beams, rear parking sensors, blind spot monitoring and sensor and smart brake support forward collision, the CX-9 is chock full of the latest technology and safety features for a relatively affordable SUV. The latest models have the G-Vectoring Control as a standard feature.

Hyundai Elantra

Stylish, well-designed and roomy, this workhorse scored high in all five safety areas. An optional front crash prevention feature is the latest edition to this compact car. The pedestrian detection and emergency auto-brake seal the safety deal.

While you will always have to be an aware driver on the road, modern cars are safer than they have ever been. Always drive safely and reduce your chances of having an accident while you enjoy driving your new car.

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