5 Canadian Cities that Are Revolutionizing Clean Energy


In a day and age where pollution and technology are growing at a rapid pace, there needs to be more action with regards to going green. Some cities in Canada are taking the lead on this. As such, people who are interested in living in a green city or getting inspiration for their own local communities should take note of the way these five following cities are revolutionizing clean energy:


As the heart of British Columbia, when Vancouver makes strides in an area, the other cities in the region stop what they are doing to perk up and listen to what they are doing. That is why it is so important that Vancouver is turning saltwater into natural energy for their city grid. The plan is still a work in progress but is showing rapid results and movement toward a completely green renewable energy source.


MYSA_Toronto, Canada

Courtesy of mysa

Toronto’s mass transit initiative is the first of its kind. By going utterly electric with their subway and above ground trains, they are eliminating fossil fuels from their energy menu and staving off additional pollution.


The capital of Canada is oil-rich. However, they aren’t relying on oil to provide their energy. Canada is tapping into the ability of their cold weather to keep natural energy cells spooled up for longer, dispersing energy more efficiently.


Montreal has breathtaking views. They are intent on maintaining the natural beauty by revolutionizing waste management. Instead of burning trash from the city, they recycle waste and use it as clean energy through a ground-breaking chemical conversion process.


AVIS_Canada_ Edmonton

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The city’s government recently held a meeting to decide to commit to reducing carbon emissions and reaching carbon neutrality within the next few decades. Growing concern was mounting in the city after they realized that the average temperature was rising year after year. Now, new resolutions to go electric with their power and even their buses (which are diesel) are being implemented. The technology being developed is revolutionizing how cities are viewing their ability to go green.

The human race is simply going to need to embrace clean energy if we want to survive much longer. Not only does it create a more beautiful atmosphere, but it also helps people breathe easier and maintain proper balances in plant and animal life. The five Canadian cities above should be observed and emulated. They show the power of coming together around a common cause and creating a world that is more green and more energy efficient than ever before. For more articles like this, check out our culture page!

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