When Does a General Contractor Need a Lawyer?

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You wouldn’t usually think of contractors needing a lawyer on a regular basis. However, there are a number of situations in which a general contractor would definitely require legal assistance! Here are a few examples of circumstances in which a contractor should be prepared with a trusted lawyer to help them through.

When There Are Disputes About Payment

At the end of any task or project, the contractor wants to be paid as much money as possible (or, at least, deserved,) while the client wants to pay as little as possible. If there are discrepancies or misunderstandings about the billing, the contractor should quickly seek the aid of legal authority to back up their work and provide legal affirmation of the proper payment. With this kind of firm statement, neither of the opposing parties can deny that the issue has been objectively looked over and the correct, fair amount has been determined. Contractors may even consider hiring a contractor to create the initial contracts used in commissioning a project, so that the regulations are binding and the contractor knows exactly what he deserves, as well as what the client deserves.

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When Complaints Are Made to the Licensing Board

A client may claim that the work done on their house does not merit payment, or does merit a complete reconstruction, because the contractor in question was not licensed to perform the work at all, rendering it inadequate and illegal. It is of the utmost importance that a contractor keep their licenses up to date and easily proven! Any disciplinary action taken could be tied to your license for years afterward. General contractors should with their lawyers to establish straightforward proof of your qualification to be doing the work they are paid and trusted to do.

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When a Finished Property Creates New Damage

Even the most experienced of workers and the safest of precautions can’t prevent accidents or misunderstandings from happening. If something you were contracted to do ends up causing new issues for the property owner, they may threaten to use legal means to force you into making payments or re-doing work. In order to keep these accusations and frustrations under wraps and fair to you, utilize your trusted lawyer to help you understand and be understood! Their training makes them effective communicators for your benefit, meaning you will get the best deal possible.

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Contractors are essential workers for the building and maintaining of residential and industrial growth in our communities. They need legal protection for their work as much as any other occupation!


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