How to Reduce Your Chronic Joint Pai

Chronic joint pain is no joke. It can be crippling and impact every part of your life. Living in constant pain can take a serious toll on both your mental and physical health as well. You may not be able to eliminate your pain completely, depending on what’s causing it, but you can take steps to reduce it.


Exercise has a lot of benefits to offer, many of which help reduce chronic joint pain. Regular exercise helps increase mobility and maintain range of motion. It also releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain killer. If part of your joint pain is due to being overweight, exercise can help with that too. If you’re experiencing chronic joint pain, you’ll benefit most from gentle forms of exercise that don’t put excessive stress on your joints. If you struggle with exercising regularly, consider having an exercise partner to help keep you accountable.

Natural Remedies

There are also natural remedies you can use to help with pain. Turmeric has been shown to reduce joint inflammation and can be added to a variety of dishes you eat. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties and may reduce pain due to inflammation. CBD is one of the many ingredients of the hemp plant. Other herbal supplements may be helpful as well. If you choose to utilize natural remedies, be aware that they aren’t all FDA regulated, so it’s important to understand the quality and where your product is coming from.

Hot and Cold Treatments

Hot and cold treatments is another option you can use to treat chronic joint pain. Which one works best may be situational and somewhat dependent on the cause of your pain. Heat can be helpful for morning stiffness and similar pains. Common heat treatments include warm showers, hot packs, and soaking in a hot tub. Creams that contain capsaicin may also be beneficial and offer a warm sensation to help soothe your joints. If you need a cold treatment, you can try an ice pack or a cold bath. Don’t have an ice pack? Try a bag of frozen veggies.

Taking action to reduce chronic joint pain can have a positive impact in your life. Reducing the pain you experience will help reduce the stress your body is under and have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing as well. Try engaging in some light to moderate exercise, trying some natural pain remedies, and using hot and cold treatments. You may find that these measures offer relief from your chronic joint pain.

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