What Is Collagen and How Can It Help My Skin?

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Collagen seems to be mentioned constantly whether it’s promoting shampoo, vitamins, supplements, or anything else health-related. So, why is it so important?

Collagen Craze

Collagen is the name of one of the most important proteins found in the human body. Proteins are made up by amino acids which are considered by biologists to be the building blocks of life. Every aspect of life from DNA to hair and skin is dependent on proteins. According to Metagenics, collagen is necessary for teeth, muscles, hair, and skin among many other parts of the body.

How to Increase Your Collagen Production

Different nutrients and food sources can help increase your body’s production of collagen.

Collagen supplements are available, but they are considered to only be needed by people with deficiencies in collagen production. You can supplement with Vitamin C, Zinc, and copper to increase collagen production. If you have deficiencies in any of these areas already, this can be very useful. Foods like eggs, fish, citrus fruit, beans, leafy green vegetables, and some nuts can be useful to boost collagen production. Bone broth is also reported to be one of the best sources. Chicken is productive at increasing collagen production to the point that many collagen supplements are derived from it.

Benefits of Increased Collagen Production

There are sixteen types of collagen that the body produces, but it isn’t important to understand what distinguishes one from another. The most common type of collagen offers structure to many important body parts including bone, connective tissues, skin, and cartilage. This means your skin will look and feel healthier. Higher collagen levels cause the skin benefits that are essential to a youthful appearance. Another growing option is a procedure called microneedling. According to My Absolute Beauty, microneedling creates microscopic wounds which cause your skin to create more collagen and elastin. It is a popular treatment for the reduction of facial fine lines.

What Lowers the Production of Collagen?

Smoking is one of the major causes of decreased collagen which adds to the list of reasons to not smoke. Eating unhealthy foods, especially ones high in processed carbohydrates, along with overexposure to UV rays can lower your collagen production as well. Also, aging can lower the body’s natural collagen production. As you age, collagen supplementation may become more important.

Collagen is clearly one of our body’s most important substances, and luckily it’s easy to help your body make. So if you’re looking for something to help your skin, collagen is probably one of the best things for you to have.

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